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Tunnels Under Las Vegas

This page started out as a search for secret tunnels under Las Vegas and lead into the "Mole people", the homeless that have taken shelter in the tunnels beneath Las Vegas (and other cities). There are several tunnel systems under Las Vegas, some easily found, others hidden in myths and secrecy. Since Las Vegas is the Alien Capital what with Area 51 and Janet Airways right in the open at McCarren Airport. So this section about the tunnels will cover the conspiracy angle and seek out the secret hidden tunnels, whether real or rumored. The homeless tunnels, those living it the flood control tunnels, (of which, according to the Clark County Regional Flood Control District the valley has about 450 miles (720 km) of flood control channels and tunnels, and about 300 miles (480 km) of those are underground), are covered in our Endangered Earth series here. The Mole People
Where is the Entrance to the Secret Tunnel Under the Strip?

Janet Terminal, the Area 51 planes, in front of the Luxor. According to John lear there is a secret entrance beneath the Luxor to the tunnels that lead to the secret high speed train system that the military uses. Access is via the elevator to the rides and exit is via the gift shop so no one will spot anything unusual when workers leave.

Someone asked on the forum:

Where is entrance to secret tunnel under strip ?
Jun 03, 2012, 11:03 PM

I heard there is a large two lane tunnel deep under the strip that only the rich and powerful and certain suite guests are allowed to use ? A guy named Eddie told me about it.

Well... a 'guy named Eddie' isn't much of a lead however sometimes just asking a question can bring out those with answers. One such reply was..

Jun 04, 2012, 12:11 AM
Yup, the highway is down there. Actually started out to be a 20 mile subway system in the 1930s but ran out of money during the Great Depression. The old subway station is still intact but the tracks have been paved over. Only a few hundred know of this underground shortcut and I am one of the lucky ones.

These comments were posted oddly enough on a Travel site. However I was not aware of the old subway system tunnels so sometimes tidbits of information come from many sources  Trip Advisor  One person posted the Mole people article and another mentioned the Desert Inn arterial tunnel under the strip and the airport tunnel, but those are normal traffic tunnels. not beneath the ground hidden away.

The flood control tunnel and those living in them is well documented and not the scope of this page.

There are several tunnel systems that the casino's use to move cash (You never see an armored car loading on the street). I have been in many of them doing security system work. They are very extensive and connect many casino's but these are service tunnels and while not known to the public, are well known and used by employees.

There are also the water tunnels.

‘Third Straw’ uncapped to provide Lake Mead water to Vegas

By KEN RITTER - Associated Press - Wednesday, September 23, 2015
LAS VEGAS (AP) - The intake was unplugged Wednesday to finish flooding an $817 million tunnel and complete a complicated and perilous “Third Straw” project to draw drinking water for Las Vegas from a shrinking Lake Mead.

An 8.6-ton steel ball was hoisted to a barge, Southern Nevada Water Authority spokesman Bronson Mack said, in essence pulling the plug on a massive lake-bottom structure built somewhat like a big bathtub drain.

“It’s a milestone. We’re ready for operation,” project chief Jim Nickerson, of Vegas Tunnel Constructors, said ahead of the final act in the six-year project.

The pipeline won’t draw more water from the lake than before, or make the surface level drop any faster. But it will keep taps flowing in Las Vegas homes and casinos even if drought-stricken Lake Mead drops to its lowest levels, officials said.

The next step will be completion in 2020 of a third pumping station. That job begins next month and will cost another $650 million.

In this June 1, 2015 file photo, a steel cap on top of a water intake riser holds back the water of Lake Mead in a tunnel under construction near Boulder City, Nev. Flooding the tunnel has now been finished, and officials are opening the intake on a massive “Third Straw” project to draw drinking water for Las Vegas from a shrinking Lake Mead. An 8.6-ton steel cap will be hoisted Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2015 to a barge from a massive lake-bottom structure designed somewhat like a big bathtub drain. That’ll mark completion of a dangerous and sometimes frustrating six-year, $817 million Southern Nevada Water Authority drilling project to keep taps flowing even if Lake Mead drops to its lowest levels.(AP Photo/John Locher, File)

So back to Conspiracy Talk and Secret Tunnels

Tunnel boring machine cuts through cables under Belagio

Okay so that is NOT the 'Official' head line. However many 'in the know' in Las Vegas knew that this Belagio power outage was caused by a tunnel boring machine that made an error and cut through and mangled several major power lines beneath the Belagio that caused a major power outage. In the early days after the incident the rumors of a boring machine mishap spread, but were soon hushed. But anyone who saw the tangled mess of wires knows this was no ordinary power outage.

Here is one of those early reports from the Las Vegas Sun. I will highlight the key phrases. (We have archived this report as the news agencies do not keep these stories online forever)

Bellagio blackout creates surreal scene
By Mary Manning
Monday, April 12, 2004 | 10:52 a.m.

Rather than the usual sound of casino games, silence greeted thousands of Bellagio guests Sunday, as the 3,005-room resort was plunged into darkness because of a massive power failure. Hundreds of guests opted for rooms at other Strip resorts as the blackout continued through Sunday night. By this morning, with the power still out, guests were being told they must check out by 11 a.m. and that they could check back with the hotel on Wednesday about future plans. The outage was expected to last until Tuesday morning.
  • Security officers this morning stood at the entrances directing guests to other properties, and barricades blocked cars from entering.
  • Alan Feldman, spokesman for Bellagio owner MGM MIRAGE, said around 2 a.m. Sunday something caused one of the main power lines going into the Bellagio "to be compromised," which caused other lines to fail. The failure knocked out all of the power except for emergency power. He said it was unclear what caused that to happen, and he said the company was giving the cable to Nevada Power to investigate.
  • Early reports of a truck hitting a power line or a power surge were incorrect, Feldman said. There was also no evidence of sabotage, he said.
  • Thousands of feet of cable needed to be pulled out and replaced, he said.
  • Nevada Power Co. spokesman Edgar Pitano said that none of the equipment that failed belonged to the utility.
  • The company was called about 2:30 a.m. about the Bellagio blackout, followed by another call that the Monte Carlo had lost power. Backup generators restored electricity at the Monte Carlo, he said.
  • An employee at Treasure Island said the computers there were down all Sunday.
SOURCE: Las Vegas Sun
  • Bellagio blackout creates surreal scene
  • Bellagio executive details power outage
    • Bonner, chief information officer of MGM MIRAGE, and his staff endured a three-day stress test April 11-14 when 22,000 feet of high-voltage cable was destroyed at the Bellagio hotel-casino, blacking out the corporation's most profitable resort.
  • Bellagio power outage tied to material failure
    • In a memo circulated this month, county engineers said the power outage was caused by a degradation of material used to connect the power cables that run alongside the resort. Similar to wires that are held together by plastic clips, major power conducting cables are held together by a "cone splice," Clark County Development Services Building Division Director Ron Lynn said. "The failure is believed to be caused by material degradation (of the cone splice) over a period of time," Lynn said. The exact cause of the degradation is still unknown, however, he said.
The cover story..  "material degradation" yet they don't know what caused it to deteriorate.  Hmmmmm
  • County officials don't believe the failure was caused by an overt defect in the material or human tampering after it was installed, he added. The county has no intention of pursuing its investigation further because officials believe no building codes were violated in the incident and there is no need to alter building codes as a result, Lynn said.
So the county doesn't buy the defect story, but there will be no further investigation. move along folks, nothing to see here... 22,000 feet of cable destroyed... Hmmmmm

  • Las Vegas resort reopens after three-day power outage
    • Authorities have not said what caused the 2 a.m. Easter Sunday power outage, although hotel and Nevada Power Co. officials called it an internal problem at the 3,000-room hotel, one of the largest in Las Vegas.
    • Forensic engineers, insurance investigators, officials with the companies that built the 36-story hotel and power company inspectors have yet to determine what caused the main power line to fail, Feldman said.
    • "I wonder what went wrong in the first place," Dennis Zelvis said.
    • Business as usual... it's all soon forgotten
While we have photos of the blacked out Belagio, I have never seen any photos of the damaged cables. They must exist because the investigators would have taken them, but they are not currently available as far as we can find.

Now aside from the Tunnel Boring machine activity around Area 51 and the huge machines at Yucca Mountain... there is corroboration that tunnel boring is indeed happening in and around Las Vegas, this paper from:

Southern Nevada Water Authority
Operating and Capital Budget
General Manager’s Information Report
Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2016

Intake No. 3 Tunnel. The tunnel boring machine’s excavation of Lake Mead’s Intake No. 3 tunnel reached the end of its three mile journey underneath the lake on December 10, 2014, when it “holed through”the intake riser structure secured deep below the lake’s surface. By drawing water from the bottom of Lake Mead, Intake No. 3 increases the flexibility of Southern Nevada’s water treatment and delivery system. The new intake tunnel is expected to be operational in 2015.


Okay so back to the subway tunnels mentioned in the first comment. I have not yet found any reference to those old subway tunnels in existance, but the las vegas Review Journal published THIS article in June 3, 2015:

An old idea gains traction with Las Vegas Strip train tunnel proposal

Bill Flangas, 87, a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno’s mining engineering school, flips through his collection of newspaper clippings documenting proposed subway systems proposals on the Strip that date from 2001 to 2007 at the home in Las Vegas on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. (Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal) Follow Erik Verduzco on Twitter @Erik_Verduzco

When historians look back at the achievements of Las Vegas resident William “Bill” Flangas, they may end up remembering him most for a tunnel project he pitched but never got to see built. Flangas proposed an underground train from McCarran International Airport and along the Strip — in 1974. In light of last week’s unveiling of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s Transportation Investment Business Plan, which includes an underground light-rail system beneath the Strip, this makes Flangas about 41 years ahead of his time.


  • But some of his best days were from 1958 to 1979, when Flangas was tunnel superintendent and manager for the team that moved atmospheric nuclear weapons testing underground. Flangas oversaw the excavation of seven major tunnel complexes, including a 12-foot-diameter vertical “big hole” for nuclear testing. By the time his work was done, he had overseen the drilling of 47 miles of tunnels.
That is a LOT of tunnels!  47 miles under Nevada
  • Flangas has the original copy of an eight-page proposal given to the Clark County Commission on Aug. 5, 1974. He envisioned an 11.2-mile system from the airport to downtown, with vehicles 11 feet wide and 10 feet tall on dual tracks 150 to 200 feet below ground-level. A pipeline at the bottom of the tunnel would provide both drainage and a conduit for utilities. He suggested that the government be responsible for the main transportation line, but resorts along the line pay to access the system, including construction of their own stations.

So for now we will continue searching for more tunnels and see if we can locate the actual earlier subway tunnels. For information on the High Speed Secret train system that supposedly has a station under the Luxor Pyramid with access to the Janet terminal just across the street, see here;

The Tubes: The Underground High Speed Transit System

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