Muon and Neutrino Detector Arrays
Institute for Deep Sea Research, Technology and 
Neutrino Astroparticle Physics

The NESTOR INSTITUTE for DEEP SEA RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGY and NEUTRINO ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS was created by the Greek Government in August 1998, as a small National Lab. It has the legal status of an Independent Research Institute under the authority of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development. However read the following message:


To exploit the unique characteristics of the, nearby, deepest site (5200 m) in the Mediterranean Sea by hosting NESTOR Neutrino Telescope and a Deep Sea Multidisciplinary Laboratory. 
Part of the Institute?s charge is to evolve into an International Laboratory.


At the small town of Pylos in the southwest of the Peloponnesse  in the prefecture of Messinia with an annex in the nearby (10 km) village of Methoni (Meudon). Pylos is 280 km from Athens (3.5 hours drive, 2/3 on motorway), 40 km from Kalamata International Airport, 45 km from the Industrial and Port city of Kalamata.


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