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Specialized space training (SST) is normally conducted for participants who completed the GST.
The purpose of the SST is mastering the entire complex of professional knowledge, skills, habits and qualities required for performing a space flight on a manned spacecraft (MSK) of the given type (or several types if the flight program envisages a changeover to another MSK).
Main objectives of the SST:

    * Crew training in-depth studying of the MSC of the given type;
    * acquiring practical habits and skills of performing all the flight operations envisaged for a flight participant;
    * maintaining and honing professionally required qualities and skills for a successful activity in conditions of effect of adverse factors of a space flight, as well
    * l as habits and skills of supporting own life both during the flight and after landing;
    * studying typical flight documents, the principles of the earth-based flight control and the basics of interaction with the Flight Control Center. 

Sections of the SST:

    * engineering training;
    * training on simulators and stations of the MSCs of the given types;
    * preparing for the activity outside the spacecraft;
    * training on the life support facilities;
    * preparing for professional activity in conditions of effect of the space flight factors;
    * preparing for actions after landing in various climate and geographical zones of the Earth and in different weather conditions;
    * training in operating space flights of an MSC;
    * biomedical and psychological training;
    * certification arrangements. 

Crew training The SST is conducted according to the individual schedules. The duration of a SST (as required for a flight on a spacecraft of the "Soyuz" type) is 8 to 10 weeks and is defined through an individual agreement with the participant.

On completion of the SST course in the scope agreed upon before the beginning of the training and a successful passing of certification tests, the student is admitted to the next training stage.

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