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Russia To Create Manned Assembly Complex In Orbit
Chief of the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) Anatoly Perminov

by Staff Writers
Moscow (XNA) Apr 14, 2008

Russia is going to create a manned assembly complex in orbit, the chief of the Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) Anatoly Perminov said here on Saturday. "We shall create this complex in order to make dockings in orbit, build craft there and send them to the Moon, Mars and other planets," Perminov was quoted by the Itar-Tass news agency as telling a new briefing.

"This proposal was on the whole approved at the meeting of the Russian Security Council on Friday, but a specific time has not been determined," he said.

Perminov also said it was clearly stated at the Security Council meeting that Russia would use the Baikonur cosmodrome until 2050 under an inter-governmental lease agreement.

The first rocket launch from the new Russian cosmodrome Vostochny (Eastern) that will be built in the Amur Region is planned for 2015.

The first launch of a piloted spacecraft from Vostochny is planned for 2018, he said.

The Roskosmos head explained that the new generation piloted spacecraft supposedly would weigh 18-22 tones, and it will be impossible to launch it with the available rockets. With all the modifications, the Soyuz can carry no more than 16-17 tones, so itwill be impossible to use it for the purposes.

The new rocket Angara is viewed as the most promising launch vehicle to carry piloted spacecraft, but there is an engine problem. Russia has no engines so far for rockets to carry spacecraft not only to orbits around the earth, but also to other planets, Perminov said.

Original Source: Xinhua News Agency

SOURCE: Space Daily

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