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Lunar and Martian Anomalies

Keith Laney is a digital imaging and software applications specialist and MOC image processor for the   NASA-Ames' MOC MER2003 Landing Sites Project

"I admire what you guys have done with the LO Copernicus stuff. I've got great versions of the same WA and NA images John Lear gave you guys. They used to be available online at Langley Research Center's website. Glad you tackled it, and this. - Keith Laney


Legendary Castles of the Palatinate
"I sincerely hope you enjoy tripping back to ages past, and that you learn something from the colorful history on the way." - Keith Laney

Similarity of Three Possibly Artificial Structures on the Moon & Mars
Apollo Digs #1: AS11-40-5954
Apollo Digs #2: AS16-116-18603 - Machinery Parts on the Moon?
Apollo Digs #3: AS16-116-18607 - Skull Shape in Crater
Mining Mars!: Open Pit Mine on Mars?
Pathfinder... or Ratfinder?: Critter on Mars?

Martian Anomalies
D&M Pyramid images Hi res MOCs Kieth Laney.net
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