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A UFO the military tracked
MAY 5, 1984

Article by Dave Kauble
(Based on the Discovery Channel Segment, "Fast Walker")
posted on Deb's UFO Research Information Clearinghouse, January 10, 1997
Recovered from the Wayback Machine Archive, original site no longer exists

Delta UFO, " The Ascent", 1996, 1997, Dave Kauble.
MAY 5, 1984, an alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. Moving at 22,000 miles per hour, it was heading toward Earth and had been determined to NOT be incoming ballistic missiles, or any other type of conventionally explainable object. Once tracked, it was code-named "Fast Walker".

This object was first spotted by the ultra-sensitive orbiting USDSP satellites our county uses for detailed surveillance and air defense. These satellites have the infra-red capability to spot small heat sources on the surface of the earth and are time-proven as effective monitoring devices.

USDSP Satellite in orbit (depiction)

USDSP Satellite (depiction of ) initial encounter as "Fast Walker" passed from left to right, headed Earthward.

USDSP Satellite (depiction of ) reversal of course by "Fast Walker" as it headed back toward open space.

At 1400 hours zulu time, an object was spotted by a USDSP satellite and tracked as it sped first directly toward the Earth and passed if front and within 15 miles of the USDSP satellite. It suddenly and without impact or contact with other devices or obstructions curved outward, away from the Earth. It was tracked for another 9 minutes until it then disappeared.

Trajectory of "Fast Walker"

A Top-Secret summary of the incident reveals the time and place.

What the data resolved was that it was a hot, fast, solid object that swept in from outer space. This information would probably have been totally kept from public view, but it was leaked to UFO Researcher Joe Stefula.

Joe Stefula

Joe's statement was "Where it appeared in the (satellite's) sensor field would indicate that the object came into the sensor field from outer-space, went in front of the sensor, and left, departing back into deep space. It would indicate that it was some type of craft that had the ability to maneuver. And there you have hard evidence. You have telemetry from that satellite, you have information, you have systems, you have data that you can go back and investigate and check and verify. In the past, usually UFO events are of just eye-witness testimony... There you have a very sensitive defense system that sent you information to the ground. I don't even know if you can solve it... maybe it's one of those enigmas that's just gonna be with us forever. What type of craft would have that ability? Some people might say, 'A UFO'."

If "Fast Walker" had been a meteorite, it would have burned up in the Earth's atmosphere. The fact that it changed trajectory so dramatically when it was headed directly toward the Earth at such a high speed, indicates emphatically that it was not a natural phenomenon. No natural object could've overcome the gravitational force of the Earth, especially when its speed and trajectory would compound the effect of the Earth's gravitational pull. To have reversed course so drastically with these natural forces in place is truly astounding. Only intelligently controlled objects would be capable of such a maneuver.

Recovered from the Wayback Machine Archive

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