The Enigmas on Mars
Signs Of Alien Engineering On Mars? 

Mike Singh's Collection
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What do we have here? Peculiar objects and formations that do not appear to be natural. Or perhaps the geology of Mars is such that it manifests itself in distinct patterns and objects as can be seen in the images below? Thought I'd share this with you. So here goes.... 

1. Strange Objects - Equally Spaced

Here’s an image of Mars taken from the Opportunity camera in Jan 07.

Opportunity Sol 1070 Courtesy: NASA/JPL

There are six objects you can clearly see that I’ve marked in red squares. They are all equi-distant! Can this be possible in nature? Are they just stones lying around, or are these artificial constructs? (There are more objects in a straight line in the original Opportunity Rover Image which I have cropped). 

2. ’Craters’ – Lined Up

This next image is a question mark. The exact location is unknown, but somewhere near 86.8°S, 341.3°W . This is an area termed ‘Anomaly 502’. Note the ‘craters’ on the upper right of the image on the left. The B/W pic on the right is purportedly a radar contour image of the same area where one can clearly see the ‘craters’. But they all seem equally spaced! Rare for a natural phenomenon! 

Courtesy: Nightstalker

Courtesy: Nightstalker

SOURCE: Anomaly 502

3. Strange Parallel Furrows

These are in the form of parallel ‘tracks’ that run up the mountains from the valley floor, following the contours of the terrain in Candor Chasma. Though it’s a 3-D overlay, it does not explain why these have formed. The image joint which is in a straight line is also clearly visible below the ‘tracks’. So these ‘furrows can’t be the result of the joint. 

Source image: Candor Chasm

Thanks to Undo for the source image from which I found the 'furrows'!

More information and original images
Mars Express 221204

4. Trench / ‘Canal System’

Here’s a pic of the Cydonia region of Mars. Notice the parallel walled trench. Was it part of a canal system that is now in ruins? Probably a defunct hydro system? 

Courtesy: ESA/DLR/AOL

Original Source Image

5. The Icing On The Cake!

Now the best for the last! Here are three strange objects exactly 800 feet apart on Terra Meridiani!! Natural stone formation? You be the judge!

MOC narrow-angle image M00-01661 - Courtesy: Marsunearthed

Original Image: MSSS MO0-01661


Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID

Lunica, check out this area that I've enlarged from the original MOC image you posted. Looks pretty odd, with what seem like anomalies. Here it is...

Courtesy: NASA/JPL

Notice the squares?


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