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Triangular Crater
Triangular Crater found on Image Strip (See entire strip below)

Credit for the discovery of the first anomaly on Chandrayaan 1 images goes to sentinel2107, a member of

Posted by sentinel2107, on November 25, 2008 POST ID 5372382

Nice (what appears to be a) triangle, about one-fifths of the way down (at the left border) from the top of the image.:duh: 

Confirmed by Mike Singh...

Posted by mikesingh, on November 25, 2008 POST ID 5372457

You mean this?


Hmmm...So is this line 1 of page 1 of Chapter 1?? And there's a whole bloody novel left to cover! Darn, too much work! I'm outta here! 


Credit: ISRO


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