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Another Face On Mars!! Check This Out!

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Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID 322342

Well, I was going over Cydonia (Mars) with a tooth comb yesterday and zoomed into some areas that seemed intriguing. I was out of luck in finding anomalies worth a second look. But after a break when I got back, I zoomed into an area towards the bottom of the ESA image and then flipped it 180 Degrees. Lo and behold! It seemed like a half human-half animal face embedded into one half of a rock formation!!

At least it seems to be a face to me. I know there are going to be many here who’ll insist it’s just a natural formation, some with the bunny-in-the-clouds stuff, imagination gone wild and so on! Of course, it could be any of the above! [b]But then, could it also be another face on Mars? [/b]

I haven’t the faintest idea if this has already been discovered by someone else. Haven’t seen it anywhere on the net so far!

OK, here goes…

This is the source image from ESA:

Courtesy: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)
Click image for higher resolution
This is the area toward the lower edge of the image that I’ve flipped 180 degrees. Do you notice the ‘face’?

And this is the zoom of the ‘face’ which I have darkened a little to bring out the relief further.

So what do you guys think? Whatever it is, to me it sure looks like a relative of the famous face on Mars!


Originally posted by greeneyedleo Post ID 3822113

If I try really hard, I see the face of a lion....w/ little ears and wiskers!  Maybe because im a Leo and love lions?


compared to:

Sorry for my crappy tablet isnt plugged in!!!

Great find!!

Originally posted by greeneyedleo Post ID

If I try really hard, I see the face of a lion....w/ little ears and wiskers!  Maybe because im a Leo and love lions?

Originally posted by zorgon

Ah yes the Lion... Now I do believe you and I had a discussion about training the eye to spot things yes? I meant to post this in another thread but this is the perfect time...

Masqua actually found this and its quite amazing... Now since your a Leo  I don't get why you didn't spot this right away....

Masqua's Thread: Upon the Plains of Cydonia

Just look at the big picture and compare THIS ONE with your LION and look at the big picture...

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