The Enigmas on Mars
The Face Of Mars In 1958 Comic Book!

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Coincidence? Or is it something more? 

One would be forgiven for thinking that the comic story below was inspired by the Face on Mars formation discovered at Cydonia by the Viking orbiter in 1976.

In fact it comes from a comic book published in September 1958.

The Face on Mars was published in a comic titled Race for the Moon. A synopsis of The Face on Mars story can be found towards the bottom of this linked web page, (click this "stargate" ΅΅΅ ).

"The Face On Mars", penciled by Jack Kirby and inked by Al Williamson. – On an expedition from the Earth's moon to the planet Mars, an international team of astronauts – led by American Ben Fisher – discover a huge carving of a Martian face – that's as big as a mountain! Ascending to the inscrutable statue's hollow eyes, Fisher plunges inside, where he finds a green, sunlit countryside with cool, rich and breathable air, one which shelters a civilization of "magnificent giants". Suddenly, the otherworldly city is attacked by insect-like airborne craft, which bomb the giant's homeland into ruins. Outraged, Fisher blasts away at the potato-like invaders who emerge from the landing aircraft, offering them a taste of their own "medicine". Appalled by the wanton destruction, Fisher eventually locates a hidden stronghold of the surviving members of the race of Martian giants. As he eavesdrops, the Earthman sees one them pilot a rocket to destroy their enemy's home base, an unknown planet located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter! Suddenly, Fisher begins to gasp for breath! Blacking out as he falls into oblivion, Fisher eventually awakens on the floor of the Martian desert, with an oxygen mask strapped to his face, while his expedition-mates hover over him. Fisher explains that the statue contains "a visual history of a race's heroic death – and the triumph of a surviving memory". Later, as they pilot their rocket to Jupiter, to Earth, Fisher and his team take careful notice of the debris-strewn asteroid belt – "the pieces of a planet that blew up between Mars and Jupiter".

"Curiouser and curiouser", said Alice.......

Sometimes real life seems determined to take us down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.

According to some, we were already on Mars in the late fifties!! Remember Alternative 3? So was this comic book inspired from a discovery made then?

Thought I'd post it here as it seems pretty intriguing to say the least!


The Face on Mars Controversy

Original image taken by Viking I Credit; NASA/JPL

by Jeffrey G. Roberts, Special Contributor,

Around 2035, an interplanetary craft from Earth will touch down in an area of the Northern hemisphere of Mars; an area known as – Cydonia. Location: 9.5 degrees W. longitude, 41 degrees N. Latitude. And as the crimson sands of the Martian deserts wail across the cold forbidding plains at -90 F., what will the emerging crew see before them? That all depends upon what the Viking I orbiter saw in that exact same area, fifty-nine years earlier, on July 25th, 1976.

Face on Mars
Face on Mars
And therein lies the tale that will not die, the controversy that will not go away; the conspiracy – as some call it – of a NASA cover-up more massive and pervasive than any other since the founding of the United States 236 years ago.

For on its 35th orbit of Mars, Viking I, at an altitude of 1162 miles, snapped its 72nd photograph to send back to Earth – number 35A72 – and nothing would ever be the same again. For there, staring back at Viking I into the starry night, was what appeared to be the visage of a face. A face almost 2600 feet high (the Empire State Building in New York is “only” 1250 feet in height), 1.6 miles wide, and 1.2 miles in length! It appeared Sphinx-like, as if the ancient Egyptian edifice was staring straight up into space.

And on the third planet from the sun – all hell broke loose. NASA imaging scientists Vincent DiPietro and Greg Molenaar were the first to discover this incredible anomaly, and dutifully brought it to the attention of their superiors, believing, rightly, that an unbiased scientific inquiry would now commence, to determine just what the face was. They realized that the discovery of an artificially constructed edifice of such titanic proportions would have the scientific world abuzz – unlimited access at their disposal, for what had the potential to be a shattering revelation – that we were not alone.

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