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Gigantic Alien Craft Photographed By Cassini! NASA’s Cover-Up Blown?
Posted on  8-9-2007 @ 06:06 AM (ID:3496311)

Originally posted by internos Post ID3522273

John, thank you for your clarification. :up:
I've found this other one on the same website:

please, tell me if i'm wrong. Is the first one a result of a composition of different pics, plus retouch? And this second one? 

Originally posted by johnlear Post ID3522318

I don't know what all they did to the first.
All I can say about the second is that I agree with the statement:

Interaction at ring tip demonstrates that no imaging malfunction exists, and that the rings proper are not cut off by image framing.

Norm has told me he has a lengthy rebuttal ready for the image malfunction charge but that he has never seen the right opportunity to release it. It would be my speculation that not enough people even know what the argument is about much less understand the rebuttal. 

Originally posted by internos Post ID3523575

Mike, About the sequence of one of my previous posts,

I noticed that the object looks brighter when it's at is "average" length, 
and darker when it's elongated. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not. :)
Never disappears from the sequence, never becomes smaller than its average size. :)

I'd like to know yours, John's, zorgon's and someone else's opinion about this point.:)

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3524047

Though frame intervals are not known, I feel that since Cassini’s camera is fixed and isn’t ‘tracking’ the object, the long-exposure photographs show the object to be apparently "Lorentz-lengthened" by the factor (1-v2 / c2)-1 / 2, where v=velocity of the object and c=velocity of light, in the direction of the object's motion. 

Keeping this in mind, the question arises whether the object is [b]changing its  speed[/b] and so making it Lorentz-lengthened at intervals with the consequent apparent attenuation of light emitted by it. 

My two bits, but I may me wrong! Remember, the answer is in the premise that THE OBJECT IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING SPEED! If it is, then do we have an intelligently controlled vehicle here??? 

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID

Some other "anomalies" from Saturn area: :)



SOURCE: NASA N00084610.jpg



SOURCE: NASA N00086935.jpg

Originally posted by Beachcoma  Post ID3526558

Well, if you guys can speculate that the vague blurry objects are alien spacecraft, couldn't you speculate why they're making those rings? 
Anyway, why is my question still being ignored?  Have I been relegated to the "debunker" list?

Originally posted by zorgon

No but I haven't been in this thread much..

First we are not speculating about "vague blurry objects"
We are analyzing clear and bright objects in NASA images that shouldn't be there

As to why they are making the rings... I did offer (in this post) that perhaps they are Artists and they just look pretty... And they did a good job :up: :up:

Credit: NASA
Originally posted by zorgon Post ID3526633

Hey you guys need to slow down... :P
Too Many images at a time I can't transfer them fast enough  :(
While we are talking about things out there...
Maybe  they turn asteroids into space ships...
Here is the control tower on Eros

Credit: ESA
Originally posted by zorgon Post ID3526765

NegativeBeef said.... Jupiter is 10 times larger than the earth

Atticus_Black said.... Jupiter is over a thousand times the size of earth

Zorgon says... well who cares what Zorgon says... He has a picture :P and THAT is worth a thousand words 

Copyright © 2007 Walter Myers. All rights reserved.

Can I interest anyone in a game of Galactic Marbles?


And so we can directly put the Ring Ships into perspective and stop guessing...

Credit: Universal Wordpress
Originally posted by Pilgrum Post ID3526800

Rings aren't unique to Saturn though, haven't they been detected around all gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) now?

Originally posted by zorgon

The Rings of Uranus...

Credit: U. Tennessee

Credit: David A. Hardy

Copyright © 2007 Walter Myers. All rights reserved.

The Rings of Neptune


Credit: McGraw Hill

The Rings of Jupiter

Pennsylvania State University Astronomy & Astrophysics

Pennsylvania State University Astronomy & Astrophysics
Jupiter - Ring system seen in infrared light

Just use the titles to Google
They are not as visible..
Because the Ringmakers are not finished yet...  :P

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3526900

Mysterious Object Seen Near Saturn's Ring - image NOOO23784, taken on the 29th October, 2004, and received by JPL on the 30th October, 2004. The camera was pointing towards Saturn's rings approximately 491,458 miles away. The image was taken using the CL.I and CL.2. filters.

Courtesy: NASA/JPL

Originally posted by Orion437 Post ID3528623

Original Official Pic: N00023784.jpg

Mmm... found this:

That's definitely Prometheus -- it's on the inside of the F Ring, and its elongated spindle shape is unmistakable. There's already been one photo (taken soon after orbital insertion) showing a trail of material stretching from the F Ring to Prometheus -- are we perhaps seeing a two-way exchange of material along it to and from Prometheus? Curiouser and curiouser. Who'd a'thunk something as basically simple as Newton's laws of gravity and inertia could mathematically generate such incredibly complex and strange patterns? -

Sorry to spoil the fun, it seems that the object it´s just the Prometheus moon:

Prometheus acts as a shepherd satellite for the inner edge of Saturn's F Ring. Recent images from the Cassini probe show that the Promethean gravitational field creates kinks and knots in the F Ring as the moon 'steals' material from it.
- Wikipedia

Originally posted by internos  Post ID3527725

Source: (original pic too big: ) W00035016.jpg
Triangle shaped UFO on Saturn (if someone knows what this is, please explane and provide proof , so i'll replace the word "UFO" with its real name.
Thank you :)

NOTE: The following Responses are in Reference to this page

Tether Satellites STS 75 and Saturn

Originally posted by Thill  Post ID3528778

erm umm what the heck ... wow... if that other tether can be somehow proven as a fact then well wow dont really know what to say :) GREAT find if it comes clean through all the debunkers :)

Edit: but it sure looks like a tether , are you sure its not the same one ? dont think it could travel that far ... could it? 

Originally posted by Beachcoma  Post ID3528797

I don't know if it's the same tether, but if it is it could travel that far. Solar wind will push it there. Solar wind is also what will give any craft using a tether as a source of power it's energy.

Originally posted by NLDelta9
Maybe the Nasa tether video was really one of those ships, because the tether somehow got perfectly straight which seems impossible.

Originally posted by zorgon  Post ID3528860

Oops  sorry I did not see your post until after I did mine  (I stopped at page 15  :(

But your right... except you posted one of those low res copies I was talking about. I wish people would stop re doing original clips  They just make them worse... and flood Youtube with bad copies  oh well...

Tethers they are...  now we need to find out just HOW BIG they are... where are them astronomers when you need em? Instead of debunking all the time (that doesn't work anyway) how about putting your 'skills' to use and give us some measurements, or at least approximations

Originally posted by Beachcoma

I don't know if it's the same tether, but if it is it could travel that far. Solar wind will push it there. Solar wind is also what will give any craft using a tether as a source of power it's energy. 

Originally posted by zorgon  Post ID3528870

Quite right... Also don't forget it was already traveling at orbital speeds... and in the Saturn image we don't know if its close to Cassini or far away so we don't know how big it is...  we need dates  I will see if I can find them  The STS-75 tether left in 1996

Originally posted by zorgon Post ID 3528958

Nice stuff I suspect you have been holding on to this for some time. (you found that erased directory way to fast)

Originally posted by internos

It's a matter of luck!! :) 
By the way today, randomly surfing  the internet, i came across this pic
(don't know if already posted): :D   N00082710.jpg

Originally posted by DIRTMASTER a Member of ATS Post ID 3529521

As a former sonarman the harmonics of the video are what have my attention.  anyone know what the fundamental frequency was?I know they had to reduce it. the spectrum showed the frequencies to be "harmonically related"  or in dude speak the result of something mechanical or mathematical. I would venture a encrypted radio wave...? all informed guesses but to me thats an good indicator. 

Originally posted by internos Post ID 3529796

By the way today, randomly surfing  the internet, i came across this pic
(don't know if already posted):

Randomly... uh huh  sure yeah right 

Interesting  it has the same wavy pattern in the 'tether'  Seems John was right there are MANY PEOPLE out there!  Seems we have a whole fleet of these things running about out there...

Might have to look around Jupiter too 

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