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New craft seen above Palmdale. Any ideas?

Hi Everyone,

This past Saturday, I was outside of my house with my Dad grilling some burgers. He noticed hearing several jets pass overhead back and forth but he never saw any of them. The sky has some clouds but not to the point in which you would assume the clouds are preventing you from seeing them. They did not sound too high up.

I told him this happens even on completely clear skies. you hear them take off, fly overhead, and you still can't see some of them.

Well, he kept looking around and suddenly he asks me what that was. he was very excited. I looked in the same direction and I couldn't see anything. He the says that he sees more of them! I finally noticed what he was talking about and ran to grab my video camera. I had a hard time zooming in and getting a clear shot. I noticed these white objects going in and out of the clouds. Some seemed to just hover, and others moved in different directions. 

Have any of you seen anything like this?

Here are some pictures of the objects at full zoom.

To be clear, these are not the objects making the jet sound my Dad was looking for. I know this because theses objects were just hovering and the sound would pass overhead from one direction to the other. These craft were visible off and on over a span of about an hour I believe.

My Parents don't come over often and they are not used to hearing jets fly over that low. this is why they were looking up at the sky and not because they noticed the other craft first.

Discussion Thread here at ATS: New craft seen above Palmdale. Any ideas?


I finally got around to running the video through CyberLink Power Director in order to stabilize the video as much as possible. The video at full zoom of the camera shakes too much.

UFO over Palmdale California 6/2010 

Skunkworks, Palmdale
Photo Credit: FredT from ATS

Drive by Sunday mornings when doors are open enough for a quick peek. LOL! There is a nice shaded sitting area out back by train tracks. Things are still designed here and built. None of the cool stuff is in the hangar when the doors are cracked. The big hangar is not a big room. It is partitioned. Have you guys ever seen the smaller one to the north open? - LSWONE

Originally posted by Arbitrageur a member at ATS POST ID 8960650

I suspect there is stealth technology like this but it's not perfect, I think you'd be able to see some evidence of a moving object, kind of like in the movie "Predator". Or it may even be more crude than what's in that movie. 

Originally posted by LSWONE

I know they have this technology. I have seen several F-22s blink out of sight just seconds after takeoff. They had not flown far enough away that you could say they are too far to see. The first time I heard of this many years ago I was very skeptical and thought yea right!

This past Saturday, I had my parents over and my dad kept looking for the jets that would flyover. I laughed and told him he would not see most of them. He was confused because he could hear them flying back and forth shortly after takeoff and he could not see them! LOL! 

After looking around enough, he started noticing some of the strange craft and glowing orbs going in and out of the clouds. He was so fascinated by all of this and asked if this was common out here? 

Originally posted by RichardPrice a member at ATS POST ID 9026012

Sorry, but you don't 'know they have this technology', disappearing aircraft can easily be explained by heat haze, especially after take off, I have seen it a thousand times.

Originally posted by LSWONE

I guess that explains why we can't see them flying over our house too then! :up:

The heat haze might also explain why some craft appear to hover in mid air and hide behind clouds as if playing hide and seek. Oh yeah, it also gives them the look of having a chevron shape.  

Black Triangle, Palmdale
Donut on a Rope Contrail
Space Worm
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