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Pine Gap
Odd Looking Ground - Camouflaged?
From Thread: Pine Gap Camouflage *Exposed*
Posted by Somamech, on September 9, 2009 at 15:02 GMT

Whilst searching the wild plains of outback Australia for Spirals I came across what is a Camouflaged area in Pine Gap which as you can clearly see did not exist at some point in time  :cool:

I do not know where this image came from and who took it and there are only a few above ground references to a cafeteria etc when you search it on web archive but all that aside what we are interested in is the area close by to the area marked *T*

Here is what that same area looks like on Google Earth now:


If you scan the outback as many have been doing of late in search of spirals you will notice that vegetation does not appear that way naturally which indicates that  *Camouflage* ishHiding something in that old dirty and dusty space research lab.

Closeup of Camouflage Area
Posted by Somamech, on September 9, 2009 at 16:44 GMT ATS Post ID 7063715

Ok I had to hit the web time Machine for that first Image and here we go :


    * A -
    * B -
    * C - Cafeteria/dining hall
    * D - Golf Course
    * E - The Bull Bar
    * F -
    * G - Employee and visitors car park
    * H - Gymnasium and recreation hall
    * I - Accomodation
    * J -
    * K -
    * L -
    * M -
    * N -
    * O - Radomes
    * P -
    * Q -
    * R -
    * S -
    * T -
    * U -
    * V -

[quote]Those locations marked on the image above that are not do not include a description or purpose in the index, are not to be found in public accessible references. Those named have been identified by persons not associated with Pine Gap, but by regular civillians who have attended at Pine Gap as invited guests to social activities at the facility. That being dinner at the cafeteria, functions at the Bull Bar and similar. Those individuals were not advised of any secrecy in revealing the identity of the locations identified above.

Unless I can obtain identification of the areas not described, by public accessible sources, I will not identify them on these pages.

Consider some of the rumours and claims of Pine Gap having landing strips for experimental air craft, utilising UFO type air craft, rail guns, missile silos, and all those other incredible claims; then look at this photo. There is nothing visible in this picture to support those claims.[/quote]

This was pulled from a website from 1998. The authour was talking rail guns and experimental aircraft whilst at the same time dismissing any woo woo claims regarding Pine Gap :lol:


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