UFO's or Critters?
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UFO releases intelligent moving spheres!! First ever video footage!
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Posted by Yummy Freelunch, on July 5, 2009 at 14:59 GMT

I just watched this on youtube, and as I'm not usually impressed by ufo vids, this one was pretty amazing. It's all in spanish, someone has added sub titles.. but I gather the guy taping it was on a bus, at first, and told the bus driver to stop so he could continue taping. There are plenty of points to show distance, and its a very clear video. Tell me what you think! Also, I didnt embed it here, sorry. At about 4:33 into the video, they really start dancing!

Youtube Link
Posted by free_spirit, on July 9, 2009 at 00:43 GMT POST ID 6667564

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Important information to be considered regarding this footage. 
Testimonial and images courtesy of Mr. Pedro Hernandez. 

Pedro Hernandez the witness/videographer never interrupted the recording during the whole UFO sighting since it started with the first airplane at second 0:13 till the last spheres dissapeared at minute 3:03 when Pedro lost visual contact and said Hay ya se me fueron (Ayye they are gone). Then he stopped the recording and kept looking to the sky searching and hoping to see those spheres again. 

The cuts, edits and enhancements were made by the tv network for the tv show report purposes. 

After a couple of minutes while Pedro was looking at the sky he saw a second airplane coming, an Aeromexico commercial plane. Because the UFO sighting started with an airplane confronted by a UFO Pedro thought the incident might repeat again so he took the camera and started recording again at minute 3:14 but no UFO no spheres appeared and he realized that was it. It was time to move on so he decided to film himself describing what he just witnessed as an account of such strange sighting. So this is the only cut in the whole video sequence, when the second airplane was coming. 

These are the video frames from the raw footage of the UFO and airplane sequence. 

This video frame is 1024 X 757. Just click image to see complete. 
A video frame showing the spinning UFO. The zoom is the original made by Pedro Hernandez with his videocamera. This video frame is 1024 X 757. Just click image to see complete. 
The second airplane coming at minute 3:14 UFO and spheres were gone already. 
This video frame shows the sighting location that day in Ciudad Satelite, Mexico.

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Posted by zorgon, on July 9, 2009 at 00:07 GMT

In the first three frames you posted the UFO is already there Gimme a sec and I will clip it...

Okay here it is 

UFO's Mexico City 5/09 Stabilized

Posted by eeasynow
July 09, 2009


This video contains two different stabilized sequences. Each sequence is shown twice - first with normal contrast/brightness settings followed by a spiked version that helps highlight the objects in frame a bit better. Because of the fact that this footage fails to offer any known stable objects within the camera's field-of-view that could be used to aid in the shake reduction, I instead elected to mount these stabilized sequences by assigning the large bright object the role of serving as the stable point in frame. These stabilized sequences have been corrected for pan and tilt only, with no attempt made to correct for any apparent camera roll.

Please keep in mind that these are basic stabilized sequences only, built off the low-resolution compressed footage available.

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