Personal Message
From Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet
Kennedy Space Center, FL 1958-1992
Reprinted by Request August 05, 2008
Greetings to all that visit Pegasus

Most of you are not aware that my Space Program Retirement was DENIED TO ME!!

I was told by several KSC high management people to not take a legal action, and that they were working to have my job returned to me with back pay! Yeah, SURE!

Thanks to the Legal Gods that I found an attorney who would give me a free consultation.

He told me that I had a fixed time limit to file an action against those responsible.

My attorney called me and said, your time is running out. It had about two weeks still allowed for filing a legal action.

I informed him that he could file that action after I called KSC to see if they had accomplished any action for my return. None of those management people would talk with me. They were hoping my time would run out. People I had worked with, were cowards!

My attorney and I had several meetings with their legal group from Miami.

They offered me peanuts to accept their “final” offer! I advised them that I would write several books to disclose my astounding experiences at Cape Canaveral and the KSC! I refused the offer.

It went to the criminal court system we have been educated to TRUST! The initial court hearing REFUSED my attempt to have a court trial with my peers as the jurors. I believe they realized that with my personal experiences of lecturing at many universities, that I would no doubt win my case! So, they denied me my Constitutional Rights

My attorney said that he could have it transferred to the Federal Court in Atlanta, GA. He said it was one step from the Supreme Court in Washington DC.

He required MORE $$$! Of course, what else would anyone expect to hear from a lawyer?

I borrowed $$ from my beloved and not-to-well-off wonderful parents.

The attorney took my case to Atlanta!

It languished there for a couple of years! My attorney was summoned to Atlanta. He returned to tell me that once again, I had been denied my Constitutional Rights! They would not allow my case to be heard!!

I was and still am VERY BROKE!

I lost the $$ I had, lost my family, my son, died at age 19, my wife divorced me, I lost our home, I was not able to find a job paying over $4.25 hour, My beloved parents were devistated. That and MUCH more.

I am asking those that are rich, famous, like Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Bill Gates, all who have enough $$ for ten life times, PLEASE HELP ME!

I am doing this FOR YOU, the Human Race! I am standing ALONE, so FAR! Are any of you courageous enough to assist me?  If not, then my astonishing books may never be read!

Send HELP to my P.O. Box 233, Tavares, Florida USA 32778! 


Clark C. McClelland 
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 
PO Box 233 
Tavares, Florida 32778

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