John Lear
John's Own Words

John's Own Words

I am searching for the truth. I do not claim to know the truth.  My message is to try and live your life with Integrity; and without envy, hate or greed. And to express your love to your family each and every day.

I do not attend any UFO conferences anymore and I do not make any presentations. I don't even have a presentation to present.

I am considered a nutbag by most so don't keep telling me that. I already know. Don't bother to raise the 'bullshit' flag because I agree with you: most of what I say may very well be bullshit, but it is what I believe.

My opinions are good only until midnight the day I make them because I may have found information that contradicts what I think I know today. And I am willing to change my opinion instantly if I find I am wrong about something or at least I believe I was wrong. That is why I don't write a book. It would be outdated before it was in the bookstore.

The opinions I have are based on everything I have learned in the past 70 years which is how old I am.

I have been retired as an airline pilot for many years. I flew for about 40 years.

I am not heir to the Lear fortune. My father left me $1 and this only because it is required by Nevada law. My share was left to my 4 children which was a much better idea. He and I had many disagreements but the final one was over his 'LearFan' project which, as I predicted, became the most expensive failure in the history of private aviation after almost one half a billion dollars was spent. Most of the money was invested by Salim bin Ladin (Osama's half brother) and Prince Sultan (the nephew, not the Defense Minister).

I have been openly listed in the Las Vegas, NV telephone book since 1974, and I always answer my phone or return messages.

I am willing to share my opinions with you on the condition you understand they are only opinions and not necessarily the truth, whatever the truth may be. They are just opinions. But opinions I believe to be true not just junk I am throwing out there.

And remember: as insanely stupid as some of my opinions sound, just remember that if I post something, it is what I researched and believe, no matter how ridiculous it may sound to you.

I will not avoid any questions but if they require an essay I won't have time to respond. If I don't answer a question please ask it again because I may have missed it.

One other thing. I believe most all of what Sleeper says so if that is a problem it's yours , not mine.

Rock on!

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