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Report #005
Chocolate Mountains, Yuma, AZ
Date: 1954
Location: Chocolate Mountains, Yuma, AZ
Time: 07:45

Source: Emailed to Pegasus - Steve DeLancy, USNR-R


Hi, John!

I am a former Navy Carrier Strike Fighter Pilot in the Korean War. I was flying AD's - all varieties, both on & off active duty - GREAT A/C!!

One time, while stationed at North Islandin '54, a Navy Chief, his wife, and 8 year old daughter {and myself} went rock hunting over in the Chocolate Mountains, just off AZ 95 - somewhat north of Yuma. He was an AP.

On Saturday morning, @ 0745 sharp, I happened to look to the East, and saw a bright, shimmering object coming slowly toward us over the mountains - it resembled a garbage can lid! I hollered to the Chief, 'grab your camera - do you see what I see?'

I had no sooner said that, and whatever the thing was took off North, changed color to rust, and disappeared in 10" or less! It was outa sight in a flash!

A couple days later, he & I took the NAS 'Bug Smasher' over to have a look and all we saw was a skelton of a crashed helo - it must have been there for a long time. The next day, we grabbed an AD and returned - still saw nothing re: the UFO.

I reported same to FLYOBRT, an Air Force Investigative unit, and they were out to my squadron the next day, and questoned all 4 of us, as we had all seen it.

Never heard a word after that. Saw another one in San Diego prox 1980 -

Yes, I am a believer! We are surely not alone!

Steve DeLancy

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