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'FT' Photograph

Our webmaster, Russel Callaghan, has invited me to say a few words regarding a photograph of an 'FT' - allegedly snapped recently over Scotland - which is currently circulating over the Internet.

The photograph in question was one of three which arrived at our former Otley office at the beginning of 1997. One was published in the March/April 1997 issue advertising it as an upcoming feature in The Unopened Files.

Unfortunately, the young man who claimed in an accompanying letter (sent with the photographs) that his uncle photographed the 'FT' while out fishing late at night close to his home in SOUTHERN ENGLAND, declined to answer any questions when contacted on the telephone (he also provided his full name and address).

It was for this reason, coupled with the absence of any negatives, that our intended article in The Unopened Files failed to appear.

So far as I am aware, the three photographs have never collectively appeared in print or on the Internet, although it is patently clear that the photograph from our March/April 1997 issue of UFO Magazine and that currently doing the rounds on the Internet are one and the same.

Best regards,

Graham W. Birdsall (Editor) UFO Magazine [UK] 

When presented with such a striking image you must check the facts. There are those out there who will try to fool everyone for their own twisted pleasure. There are those out there who will try to fool people for financial gain. And there are those who simply want the truth.

Who ever originally posted this spurious story and images on the website either believes they are in possession of something special, or they actually know the truth behind those images. Judging by the file name chosen for the photographs, as they were saved to the web, I suspect the latter is correct. The Filename? 'ufotrix'.

Russel Callaghan.


Originally posted by meshuggah1324  a member of ATS Post ID 1818476

Well if these black triangles are flying over countries other than the United States (which they are) you can bet your bottom dollar they aren't property of the United States.  The U.S. never flys any top secret / test / advanced air craft over any other country.  Never.  Fact.  That's what the gazillion miles of desert out west is for.  A guy from Edwards AFB told me that and it makes sense in case our super advanced plasma anti gravity air craft crashed in another country.  Never going to happen.  So it's either Swedish air craft or alien.


Source: Stills Gallery

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Originally posted by KnightStrider a member of ATS Post ID 1882742

The guy made it - click on the photo and he tells you how..

Originally posted by Nventual a member of ATS Post ID 1951532

First email back from him.

"The UFO is the only cg.  The rest is a photo. This is the only image I made with this UFO."

Once I showed him the other photo he replied with.

"It's my picture that someone has stolen. They have just graded the image which is why it looks a bit different. It is a photo of real trees and the UFO was added in 3d."

And then with.

"Actually I just compared it to mine and the ufo is different. I think it was done by a friend of mine because he is the only one with a copy of that photo. We had the idea together to and it looks like he has painted it because he was better at drawing than 3d. So I can confirm that it is a real photo... of trees. The ufo is added."

I guess that explains it.


Originally posted by warpboost
Nullster did you make that CGI pic or find it somewhere? It's pretty cool looking. I don't know what I would do if I saw something like that for real:o [/quote]
Originally posted by nullster
Thanks, it's a CG image I made after noticing there was only one purported image of the Belgian UFO triangle anywhere. I hope to produce some better ones eventually. ;) 

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