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Huge Space Plane Sighted Over Ireland in 2004

Originally posted by John Lear

A huge shuttle type spaceplane was sighted over Ireland on April 27th, 2004 by Miles Johnston, a Dublin Tower Rigger at 8:30pm. 

It was traveling west to east and took 8 seconds to travel from directly overhead to where it disappeared in the evening sky above greater Belfast, Ireland.

Miles wrote me about a month later and enclosed this drawing and map.

I recently wrote to Miles and asked permission to post this information on ATS and he said by all means.  He also said it was ok to give his name.

The only comment I have other than there is no doubt in my mind that this is a space shuttle operated by the U.S. is that it may be constructed out of the new ceramic materials that we have been hearing about. And when I say ‘new’ ceramic materials, they are about 20 years old and can withstand extremely high temperatures. Also, it was probably landing at Macrahanish (about 60 miles north of this sighting.)

Here is Miles drawing.(see above) (It was in pencil so I darkened the lines with a black felt tip pen.) Below [is] his letter and below that the map. 

May 24, 2004

Hi John,

I had hoped to have a computer version of this but the pencil line drawing is what I have.

I hope it has enough detail, if not the drawing, the text notes that come with it.

The map is approximate. It could be a few degrees off either way, but the basic direction from west to east, disappearing fro the low sun angle, over the high sky above Belfast is right.

We viewed from 900 feet above sea level, on a high hill at Lough More Co. Monaghan, while servicing my 160 foot pirate radio tower (We joke and call it Alien Mountain, as we have a few odd things go on up here.) So we were looking up at the time.

At 8:30pm on Tuesday April 27th, 2004. The sun was still above the horizon at that time of year, but quite low, and setting more north west than due straight west. The color of the main underbelly was blued by the atmosphere, which indicates its height was high. It was dull grey, gun grey. Some vestigel patterning/vehicle construction marks, gave me the impression to me it was man-made advanced shuttle.

The twin tails appeared very small from the angle of view, but appeared to be just above the dark black rectangular engine bay. It’s possible there were no tails, that this white upper section was the rear of the main upper body.

There were no engines visible, no nozzles. Just a jet black rectangular engine or vent port. Na vapor trail was visible at all.

The white nose implies it does not have a re-entry heating problem that the shuttle has.

The front of the wings looked curved and protected in some way. Not totally dissimilar to a shuttle wing. But much thicker, and extending almost to the very nose.

No flaps or ailerons sections were noticed. I did not have enough time to observe this. After 5 seconds went by I went to get my camera, just 2 feet away, but it was gone by then over greater Belfast.

That’s about it. It really moved through the air effortlessly. It was about the size of a British %p. or U.S. penny, at arms length. (My arm is about 30” from finger to neck.)

I have put a typical passenger jet and its vapor trail in the same scale as we saw this. We had scattered cloud, and this was ell above the clouds, in a band of clear dark blue sky, directly above us.

It was very high from us. Even if it was 10,000 ft. it would be 5 or 10 times bigger than a 747. As I suggest, it was far higher. It really is an enormous craft.
..Perhaps an Alternative 3 vehicle?


T Miles G Johnston

Discussion on this sighting at

Hill AFB, Utah 1985

During war games at Hill AFB, Utah, I was standing out on the flightline, guarding the perimeter, the entry-access control point. The rest of the base was in black out conditions, with black plastic over the windows of the buildings. All of the sudden,  an aircraft or an airship was above me, of unknown origin. It was the biggest aircraft I have ever seen, completely silent and moved approximately ten miles an hour, almost floating. It was triangular, no visible engines, no markings, gun metal black. 

It essentially looked like it could fly in space.  And when it accelerated, it leaped frog; that it is to say, it blinked out and reappeared farther away. It basically disappeared when it accelerated.


1978 Near Atlanta, Georgia

My first sighting of the triangle was in december of 1978 outside of a little town 35 miles west of Atlanta GA, right at sundown; the sun was already below the horizon but there was still plenty of ambient light. I saw it and stopped,got out of the truck and it was very quiet, no sound other than crickets, and I estimated it was at an altitude of 500 feet and the length was around 300 feet; it was huge; it passed directly over me from left to right and as it approached the horizon it did a vertical 90 and shot straight up, out of sight in an instant. 

My boss was in front of me a quarter mile away and he saw it also, and RB used to work at Lockheed corp and was very adamant about that we had seen nothing and refused to discuss it. Please don't use my name, but my initials, which are JG, would be cool. keep up the good work and please keep me posted on the website; I really appreciate all you do.


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