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Black Triangles
Area 51
Credit:  ampaf707 (commandoscorch)

Posted by ampaf707, A member of ATS, on Nov 6, 2008 Post ID 409286

I took these pictures on a recent trip to area 51. I can't identify the aircraft in these photos, but it didn't look like anything I had seen before. Please comment!

Credit:  ampaf707 (commandoscorch)
Credit: by intelgurl

Posted by intelgurl, a member of ATS, on Nov 6, 2008 Post ID 5275819

My 2 Cents...

Possibilities include:

The 2018 Bomber - suposedly a subscale flying demo is being built by Northrop Grumman, perhaps it's already flying...

The Blackswift - LockMart hypersonic airframe of about that size that could possibly have a subsonic flying demo

Blended Wing Bomber X-48 Subscale flying demo by Boeing - no idea why it would be in that neck of the woods though.

Some secret spinoff of the J-UCAS/N-UCAS Northrop X-47 UAV bomber...

or - dare I say it -

UFO - It definitely has a "black triangle" look about it, of particular interest are the 3 points of light underneath and easily visible in broad daylight.

Triangles are not that rare out there, take it from me.


Black Triangles
Credit: by iphone837

Posted by thetruthisouthere837, a member of ATS on Nov 24, 2008 Post ID 5370712

I would like to start by saying this is a great thread. I have visited ATS many times but reading this post is what made me create an account. The craft you photographed over Area51 looks a lot like one that one of my former co-workers took over his house in Southern California.

Here is a link to it:

I had forgotten that I had this on my computer until I came across this thread. The two aircraft look very similar, notice that both triangles have lights on each point of the triangle.



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