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Was light shining through cloud a UFO?
Mock up: an impression of what it may have looked like.
A bright light that changed shape before moving off at speed. That is what a group of friends saw in the sky above Kent recently. And it was odd enough for them to believe it was a UFO.

Henry Smith and his friends were in Westbrook, Thanet, on Sunday when they saw the light at 8.45pm. "We stood in the garden for a while trying to come up with logical explanations of what it might have been," he said.

"We concluded it wasn’t a spotlight from the ground – which we initially thought it was – as it was shining through the cloud, not on to it. It wasn’t a plane or a helicopter.

"It was stationary for a time, blending in with the cloud, and then would move off extremely fast."


The British and Aerial Mysteries Society has reported 17 UFO sighting in Britain this year. One, on March 23, came from three people in a car who reported six to eight dull orange lights strung out over a few miles between Orpington and Bromley before suddenly disappearing. The driver, a former pilot, said: "I really am aware of what an aircraft looks like in the dark, and these lights were no aircraft."


It didn't end there for Mr Smith. "What was also quite strange was that about four minutes after it disappeared, we heard two jets high up in the sky proceed towards the area where we first saw the object appear," he added.

"Half-an-hour later we heard a large – possibly a four-engined prop – aircraft which seemed to be circling the area a few times."

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