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Sunderland Air Show 2011

Uploaded on Jul 30, 2011
Opening Night

This one has made the internet rounds for years as "Burning Russian UFO's.  Nope they are stunt planes with flares at an airshow


SWIP Team Evening Display
Sunderland International Airshow 2011

Uploaded on Jul 31, 2011

Same event but a view from the plane in action at Sunderland International Airshow 2011.

Netherlands : Green Jellyfish UFO

A nature lover taking photographs of clouds during a storm in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands noticed a flash while taking a picture. He knew it wasnít the flash of his camera so assumed it was lightning. When he developed the shot, the flash appeared as a green jellyfish UFO..

Harry Clipperton blogs nature photos and thatís what he was planning to do with the storm shots he took while walking on May 19th in the town of in Onlanden. Instead, he posted it as a UFO sighting and it was picked up by a local news site and distributed around the Internet. While some describe it as a flying saucer, the green tail make it look more like a jellyfish UFO.

The jellyfish is a common shape for UFOs. When well-formed like the one seen in Groningen, the tentacles look like part of the craftís propulsion system. A photographer in Andenesm, Norway had a similar sighting in 2010 of a UFO near the Northern Lights that looked like a parachute-shaped jellyfish.
Some of these jellyfish UFO sightings, especially during storms, are attributed to hole-punch clouds, like this one in Sacramento, California, in 2014.

Another possibility is that jellyfish UFOs are not ships but actual life forms. Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock, a scientist at the European space company Astrium, says they could be living creatures floating in the atmosphere and absorbing nutrients or fuel through their tentacles. Some believe that the tentacles fall to earth as the angel hair often found after UFO sightings.

Harry Clipperton didnít report finding any angel hair and his green jellyfish UFO seems to be pointed in the wrong direction to be a hole-punch cloud. The shape is so well-defined, itís almost more like a mushroom with some sort of exhaust or propellant coming out of the bottom of the stem.


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