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Keith Douglas runs UFO Research Alice Springs, a branch of the Australian UFO Research Network.

U.F.O. Research Alice Springs

UFORAS (UFO Research Alice Springs)
PO Box 3205 Alice Springs Northern Territory 0871

Contact person is Keith Douglass who is the Director for the Northern Territory AUFORN of Queensland Aust. He has been a researcher for 3˝ years, although he has been into this for 40 years, since he was 10 years old.

Phone:(08) 89533023

The UFO proof is out there
September 6th, 2008
From: Northern Territory News

STORIES about fleets of UFOs invading the Territory have flooded in to us in recent weeks but UFO hunter Keith Douglas says the NT has been a flying saucer hotspot for decades.

The 57-year-old former cabinet maker now runs UFO Research Alice Springs - a branch of the Australian UFO Research Network. 

"People are very heads down, arse-up, and ignore what is going on," he said. "But I've got plenty of time. I go out for night watches all the time."

Mr Douglas' night watches start at 11pm and last until 7am. 

"I know what I've seen and the stories I've heard. I've come across enough to be convinced there are UFOs," he said. 

"I just get amused as to why they spend so much watching us."

Mr Douglas has had two "good sightings", but has covered reports of abductions, crop circles and unidentified crafts. He said Central Australia had several "hotspots" - such as the Pine Gap joint-defence facility or Wycliffe Well, 1100km south of Darwin. 

"There's a lot of stuff coming and going from Pine Gap," he said. "And you can see crafts reasonably well at Wycliffe Well - they generally look like a white light. But down south, near the South Australian border, they are orange lights."

Mr Douglas said he was contacted once by an indigenous woman from a remote community who reported being followed by a UFO for several hours.

"She didn't have a camera or anything, so she painted me a picture of it."

The painting of a UFO given to Mr Douglas by an Aboriginal woman.

The Northern Territory News has tracked down a sample of UFO cases dating back to 1970 (see below and also check out our related articles links at bottom of page for more recent sightings). 

But Mr Douglas said there were many more cases. 

"For every one you hear about, there are two or three you don't," he said.

1970: Mongrel Downs Station, near WA border
Three scientists working for a mining company in the Tanami Desert spot two UFOs with pulsing or flaming lights going on a "Sunday afternoon cruise".

1976: Elliott
An old man claimed to be abducted after a bright object landed near him. Beings took him on board and asked him about life on Earth before returning him unharmed.

1983: Darwin.
A 16-year-old reported a close encounter and "entities" about the house.

APRIL 1995: Nightcliff
A jumbo-jet-sized cigar shaped object "whooshed" by as it passed through the clouds.

DECEMBER 31, 1995: Moulden
Reports of four orange light objects objects travelling over the area at 11.45pm. They returned two hours later.

JANUARY 7, 1996: Central Australia
Station hand has a daylight sighting of a "battleship grey" object hovering 40m above the ground.

FEBRUARY 3, 1996:
Two carloads of people reported seeing a fast-moving, orange and soundless fireball. It hovered before meeting another fireball and the pair travelled south.

MARCH 8, 1996: Santa Teresa, near Alice Springs
UFOs were seen hovering over the community for several nights. Described as large, glowing objects the size of a train.

NOVEMBER 1996: Honeymoon Gap, near Alice Springs
A bright blue glow was noticed in the trees at the base of a mountain 500m away. The light rose up and hovered over a car before flying towards Pine Gap.

JUNE 6, 1998: Uluru
Two astronomers noticed a bright pulsating star moving erratically, before it changed direction and flew out of sight.

JULY 12, 1998: Katherine
Several people saw an object the size of the moon - "rimmed with fire" - moving west.

AUGUST 8, 1998: Alice Springs
Two bright white fluorescent lights seen high in the northern sky, one cigar shaped followed by a small ball.

AUGUST 30, 1998: Alice Springs
A Baptist Church group camping outside Alice Springs noticed a bright silver ball of white light flickering and moving up and around.

2001: Palmerston
Reports of 11 bright orange lights flying in a V-formation.

JUNE 22, 2001: Alice Springs
Five red lights spotted flying in the sky in the shape of a pentagon.

MARCH 2003: Palmerston
A bright red-orange light moving at a steady pace suddenly splits into a row of six or seven smaller orange-yellow lights.

MARCH 2003: Palmerston
An egg-shaped object was spotted flying above a plane.

JUNE 18, 2005: Darwin
A green and amber coloured octagonal craft, reportedly moving at 450km/h flew overhead near the airport.

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From: Northern Territory News
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