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STS 75

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STS-75 'The Tether Incident' Feb 1996

Editors Note: This video has been removed several times by Youtube. Currently it is available again. If it does get removed again, email me and I can send you a copy as we have it on disk now. Contact me at webmaster

The above video, or at least the second portion, has been used by UFO buffs as a classic video of evidence of the existence of UFO's in space, and that NASA is aware of it. In this video they are described as "dust and debris" by the astronauts and seem no cause for concern.

It is interesting to note that most UFO theorists don't talk about the implications of the tether experiments in relation to free energy, as this is a proof positive of NASA and others experimenting with just exactly that, and as the above incidence proves, they were caught completely off guard with the 2 to 10 times higher than anticipated power flux.

Much work has already been done by professional researchers about the subject of what these UFOs in the NASA footage might be. It also seems very clear that NASA is both aware of them and not worried about them, taking a policy of public denial and just simply ignoring their presence.

From examining the evidence I feel that these UFO's are in fact an "undiscovered", naturally existing life forms similar to an amoeba, only much larger. They exist in a spectrum not visible to the naked eye under normal conditions. They appear to be total harmless, feeding off electrical {or other} energy. If you look closely at the footage you will observe them increasing in brightness near electrical storms. With this in mind it is not in the least surprising to find them swarming around the electrodynamics tether which is NASA's attempt to harness the very energy that they feed on.

As none of the "objects" make any threatening moves, it is highly likely that they do not even know we exist, and are simply drawn by the energy generated {collected} by the satellite and tether. One interesting observation is that the tether in the footage is glowing and much wider than it should be, a fact that is stated by the NASA mission control. It is most likely still gathering that energy that caused the overload and broke the connection to the shuttle.

The fact that they become visible in Infrared footage is not at all surprising, because if they are indeed life forms, it would only be natural that they would give off some infrared radiation in whatever life processes sustain them, the same way all life on Earth does. It is my contention that these are naturally occurring lifeforms that have always been here and indeed inhabit all of space.

No claim is made that these account for all observed UFO sightings, but I assume it does relate to a great many. There is also no way at this time to ascertain whether they are sentient or even intelligent, as they seem to go about there business without caring about us, though there is evidence that they are at least curious. This will need much more research and as we get updates we will post them here.

The video clips attached below all show similar lifeforms with documentary showing that this possibility is gaining acceptance. In the clips you can see them moving at various speeds, changing speed, changing direction... In the tether one with the swarm you can see different sizes going under AND over the tether. They are pulsating, undulating and all bear the same basic shape... a wavy edge, a hole or dark spot in the center and one or two obvious intents.

NASA says "dust particles and debris". I have seen dust and ice particles in the videos... these look nothing like truth the overall effect seems more like "moths drawn to the light"

Gallery of Critters - Page One - Page Two - Page Three

A little point on the "rods" that have been discussed in various works.. If you look at one of these "space amoeba's" from the side... bearing in mind their undulating wavy edge, might not a side view look like this?

Image of a "rod" taken from a screen capture from the trailer for the movie UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied (Part 1 of 2)    "Critters"

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Photo of UFO over Dales, England in October 2000

This UFO filmed by a a villager living in England looks identical to the NASA UFO from STS-75, and is described by the woman who video tapped it to have a bite out of the side, seen on the middle left at an angle.

Source MSN

Video from Britain

The last few frames show a "critter" as the camera zooms in. I wish people would learn to hold the camera still though...

Plasma UFO Over Burlington
Trevor James Constable

This UFO ShapeShifts!  Could it be Plasmic in Nature ..or...a 'Space Creature'?


Trevor James Constable, noted military historian and engineer wrote a book titled ' Sky Creatures: Living UFOs.'  He claims that some..not all...are  giant aerospace organisms -

Wilhelm Reich, believed UFOs to be bio-energetic in nature.

Constable believed them to be as, "...amoebae like life forms existing in the plasma state. They are not solid, liquid, or gas. Rather. they exist in the fourth state of matter - plasma - as living heat-substance at the upper border of physical nature. They consist of calcium and fluids, the metal and the fluids both being in the plasmatic state.

...Normally hidden from us because they are in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, critters occasionally emerge into the visible portion of the spectrum... At such times they are invariably identified as UFOs - which they are, of course, although they are not constructed craft. They are living creatures. Failure to recognize this, and to distinguish creature from craft... has deeply confused UFO research. 

As living organisms, critters appear to be an elemental branch of evolution probably older than most life on earth, dating from the time when the planet was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid. They are part of what occultists term 'elementals.' They live invisibly like fish in the ocean of atmosphere. Like fish, I estimate them to be of low intelligence. They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of macrobiology or even macrobacteria inhabiting the aerial ocean we call the sky."

Fortean investigators like Ivan T. Sanderson found the theory credible. Among other things, Constable believes these creatures are responsible for cattle mutilations and provides some case histories to support this. Researcher Larry Arnold believes that these plasmamoeboids--whom he dubs in gratitude to Mr. Constable with the scientific name Amoebae constablea-- emit energies that may be a cause of Spontaneous Human Combustion if they are in close proximity to a human being. 

They apparently can be photographed even if invisible, through color movie or camera film used in conjunction with a Wratten 18A ultraviolet filter. Visible color photographs result despite the fact that the filter is nearly opaque, due to a "reverse spectrum" process whose explanation still escapes me.

Infrared film can also ferret them out and I must confess that one picture I took at night yielded a faint image of what seemed to be paramecium-like object over my neighborhood! Using this method, detecting critters is usually most successful at dusk and dawn.

A 1980 issue of FATE had a helpful article on this approach. For psychotronic film buffs, the documentary Overlords of the UFO contains footage of them hopping like jumping beans near power cables.

"They Live in the Sky" The Trevor James Story
Video Trailer

Source: Read the whole story here; - 
Page One - Page Two - Page Three - Page Four

Plasma UFO Over Burlington
Trevor James Constable

Shape Shifter or Sky Creature ?
Excerpt from Page 03
Alien Energy

Puts forward the theory that unknown aerial phenomena and other sustained lightforms are the outer manifestations of a more primary energy, scientifically isolated in the 1930's by Austrian born physicist Wilhelm Reich and recognised today by quantum physicists as the multi-dimensional superforce or unified field. It also demonstrates how these atmospheric and ground based energy forms appear to possess an independent consciousness and intelligence accessible to non-local communication through the intervention of human archetypes and symbols.

Furthermore, the book argues that the presence of this pre-atomic energy continuum, or matrix, is responsible for the many strange effects so often reported in connection with ancient and sacred sites, crop circles (whether man-made or otherwise) and Reich's orgone energy accumulator. Such energetic states provide a perfect garden, or gateway, in which trans-dimensional intelligences can penetrate space-time and catalyse psycho-interactive confrontations, including the so-called alien abduction experience.

In addition to this, 'Alien Energy' demonstrates that the ceremonial landscape around Alton Barnes, Avebury and Silbury hill - home to so many prehistoric monuments and, since 1989, literally to dozens of crop formations - has become the focus of unknown aerial and ground based phenomena in recent years. It also reviews the Orgone 93 and Orgone 94 research projects initiated by the author to test the inter-relationship between unseen energy forms, ritual lanscapes and the human mind.

The results of this ground-breaking work show how focused human attention can not only affect scientific apparatus and environmental energy fields, but how it can also produce photographic anomalies that may well record the presence of unseen energy fields......'


most of page 19) 'Trevor James Constable found a greater understanding of the etheric sciences inthe teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical Society, and during this same period he became acquainted with the work of Wilhelm Reich as well as with the energy healing formulated by Dr Albert Abrams and developed by Dr Ruth Beynar Drown under the title radionics; this also brought him into contact with Reich's daughter Eva who was also an avid supporter of Drown's teachings. Gradually Constable was able to align his own views of UFOs as ether ships with Reich's concept of orgone energy, particularly its association with both the ORANUR experiment of 1951-2 and the flying saucer mystery. This convinced him even further of the existence of invisible lifeforms living in the upper atmosphere so-called 'Critters' or 'sky creatures' as he decided to christen them.

Source: Burlington News

What is Orgone energy?

This is explained in great detail here;

Orgone Energy

Dr. Norman Bergrun's Discoveries of Life on the Moon

Monday, July 23, 2001 Contact: Marilyn "Kacey" Daukas
For Immediate Release Phone/Fax: 925 691-1166


Generally assumed is that life forms, if they exist elsewhere other than Earth, will be microscopic in character. Dr. Norman Bergrun's discoveries of life on the moon, presented in "Lunar Life Forms: Revelations of Apollo 14", demonstrate that this present assumption is erroneous.

Some life forms are small, reminiscent in appearance to those found on Earth's ocean floors but without the ocean, while others appear as large "growths!" Just as some life forms are capable of creating light, such as the firefly, this has also been found to take place with some of the life forms that exist on our moon. It is evident also as on Earth, that some lunar life forms use camouflage to adapt to their surroundings providing the ability to "hide in plain sight!".

These NASA images along with the data contained in Dr. Bergun's latest work,"Lunar Life Forms: Revelations of Apollo 14", can be viewed in a professional presentation exclusively at owned by Mr. Gordon Tibbles, who has been most helpful in making this presentation to you possible. - SOURCE

Books by Dr. Norman Bergrun - Biography

  1. The Ring Makers of Saturn
  2. Lunar Life Forms: Revelations of Apollo 14
  3. Mars Puts on a Good Face: The Masquerade

Dr. Norman Bergrun Biography

Dr. Norman Bergrun is an alumnus of Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) predecessor of Ames Research Center, NASA where he worked twelve years as a research scientist. At Ames, he pioneered the setting of design criteria for airplane thermal ice-prevention and the developing of roll stability laws for airplanes, missiles and rockets.

He joined Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now Lockheed Martin) where he was manager of the planning and analysis of flight tests for the Navy Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System. During his thirteen years at Lockheed, he also served as a senior scientist having responsible analysis cognizance of special space-satellite applications. After a short tour of duty with Nielsen Engineering and Research, in 1971 he founded Bergrun Engineering and Research, parent of Bergrun Research founded in 1999 especially for world wide web activities.

An Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauics (AIAA), he is active as a leader in Congressional Visits Day events on Capitol Hill. As Deputy Director-at-Large for the AIAA western region, he overlooks section activities in seven western states. Other memberships include The Planetary Society, The Association for the Advancement of Science, The Aviation Hall of Fame, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Federation of American Scientists and the Scientific Faculty, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

Bergrun holds a BSME degree from Cornell University, an LLB from LaSalle University Extension, a DSc (Hon) from World University and a California Professional Engineer (PE) License. He also has engaged in graduate aerospace studies at Stanford University. He is a founder of the California Society of Professional Engineers Education Foundation, is author of two books Tomorrow's Technology Today and Ringmakers of Saturn and has published over 100 papers. Two recent manuscripts, Lunar Life Forms: Revelations of Apollo 14 and Mars Puts on a Good Face: The Masquerade, have been registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. He has lectured in the United States, Canada, England and Europe.

Credited with numerous awards and citations including the California Society of Professional Engineers Archimedes Engineering Achievement Award, and Special Service Citations for contributions to the AIAA National Public Policy and to the Regional Sections Activity Committees, he is listed in Marquis "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who in America", "Who's Who in Science and Engineering", and other reference works.

Continuing interests include photography*, NASA student activities and music, having played as a concert musician at Carnegie Hall with the Cornell University Band and having been a founder of "Aurora Singers", a 64-voice choir.

SOURCE: Ringmakers of Saturn

Dr. Norman Bergrun author of "Ringmakers of Saturn", is a highly respected scientist, engineer and author. Bergrun has made a detailed study of photographic data sent back from the planet Saturn by Voyagers I and II spacecraft missions. Bergrun has concluded that these NASA photos demonstrate that the rings of Saturn are the result of EMV's (electromagnetic vehicles) spewing emissions along the length of gigantic cylindrical bodies while orbiting the sixth planet from the sun and are in part, responsible for Saturn's ring system. Dr. Bergrun was a research scientist for 12 years with NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) predecessor of Ames Research Center, NASA and has inspected over 100,000 images. Bergrun's just completed, "Earth's Moon...Why We Never Returned!" contains unsettling discoveries from our Apollo Missions. Bergrun holds a BS degree from Cornell University, an LLB from LaSalle University Extension, and a DSc (Hon) from World University.

*45 minute lecture: Lunar Life Forms Do Exist Generally assumed is that life forms, if they exist elsewhere other than Earth, will be microscopic of character. This lecture will demonstrate that the present assumption is erroneous. Using NASA images, evidence will be presented to show that life forms do exist on Earth's moon! Some life forms are small, reminiscent in appearance to those found on Earth's ocean floors, but without the ocean, while others appear as quite large "growths!" Just as some life forms on Earth are capable of creating light, such as the firefly, luminescence has also been found to take place with some life forms that exist on our moon. It is also evident that some life forms, as on Earth, use camouflage to adapt to their surroundings providing the ability to "hide in plain sight!" Dr. Bergrun's workshop will discuss the apparent source of these life forms, and provide an in-depth treatment of the related phenomenon of EMV's (electromagnetic vehicles) first identified at Saturn. The lecture and workshop are important ones ....don't miss them! 

*90 minute workshop: EMVs 101: Solar- and Lunar-System Connection--Beyond Einstein! This workshop will be a continuation of the lecture dealing with lunar life forms (LLFs) and their connection with powerful electromagnetic vehicles (EMVs), the subject of Dr. Bergrun's book Ringmakers of Saturn. Fascinating information regarding the presence of EMVs at Earth's moon and elsewhere in our solar system will be presented along with how they affect Earth's weather. Bergrun will discuss his discovery of these enormous craft; and through a presentation aided with graphics, models and NASA imagery, you will learn about their physical properties and characteristics. Aided by Voyager images, you also will see the mechanism by which Saturn's rings are formed.  As Bergrun has done in his past presentations over the years, he will continue to step beyond Einstein's limitations of flight speeds exceeding the speed of light! This workshop promises to be full of enlightening discoveries and their proof of existence. Dr. Bergrun plans a Question and Answer period; and you are encouraged to join in and get solid answers to your relevant questions. For those wanting evidence, this is a MUST attend! 

SOURCE: Lightstreamers

Space Creature or Awesome Energy?
by Dick Hutchinson
Believe it or not, this is a real photo of the Aurora taken in Circle, Alaska, 48 miles south of the Arctic Circle by Dick Hutchinson and featured on the US Army Core of Engineers Website
Critters - The Science Fiction Connection

Star Trek, the Original Series 2-47
 "The Immunity Syndrome" 

Space Amoeba; A massive spaceborne single-celled organism that consumed the Gamma 7A System in 2268. The creature strongly resembled microscopic protozoans found on terrestrial planets save for its enormous size. The spaceborne amoeba was 18,000 kilometers long, and about 3,000 kilometers wide, surrounded by a large energy-absorbing field. The creature was believed to originate from outside our galaxy. 

Stargate SG-1 Episode 6-13
"Sight Unseen"

The team returns to Earth with a piece of technology that allows them to see alien creatures everywhere, and must attempt to contain the problem when it spreads beyond the base...

SG-1 returns home from another off-world mission, on which they recovered a piece of technology apparently created by the Ancients, as it bears markings of their language. O'Neill thinks it looks like a big bug-zapper -- and he may not be far off. Jonas sees a strange, flying insect in the gate room, which disappears through the wall...

Though apparently harmless, the bugs are causing a small panic at the SGC, as the ability to see them becomes pandemic. The most reasonable explanation is that the alien device is allowing everyone to see the creatures, so Carter and Jonas begin to study it. Carter theorizes that the insects didn't follow SG-1 back through the Stargate, but that they exist everywhere on Earth -- in another dimension. The device allows anyone affected to see into it...

Editors Note:

Although the creatures in this episode resemble insects not amoeba, the underlying principle is the same. Harmless creatures existing as energy not normally visible, and are always present and have always been here. One important note is that they portray the general fear and panic that knowing about  and seeing these "critters" would cause to the general public, not to mention their own team at first. I suppose that creatures like the one in the picture below would certainly, from a dramatic effect point of view, cause more terror than an amoeba. The writers did make one mistake though, the picture shows the "critter" attached to the windshield, not just passing trough it like the others do. It does however have the desired fear factor.


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