The purpose and goal of this database is to gather as many links to documents, websites and photos as possible that are relevant to the studies of the Pegasus Research Consortium. In an effort to save countless hours searching the web for relative material, we intend to collect and hold them here as a reference library. We seek anyone who may have a link to share, but we are looking for serious research material first and foremost. However speculative documents and theories are welcome.

We have had experience in the past and even more so now with documents being removed from their original sources for various reasons, and hence lost for study, therefore it is also our goal to collect and store copies of these documents in the data base. Stored documents are indicated by the "local file" link. Naturally we will only store files that we have obtained permission to do so, are in the public domain, or are free for use. Some "local file" links will not work. Those indicate we have the document on file, but do not have permission to re-post it on our site.

In this regard we ask anyone wishing to contribute a link, to also request permission from the author to post a copy here in the database. Links to the original source are usually preferred and most likely to remain for some time, but news sources generally remove articles after time, or at least store them in an archive requiring a new link. Submit links that you feel we need to add here Webmaster and we will review them and place them in the appropriate folders. Threads from discussion groups, blogs and such will not be considered, though we have a few posted that are topics our board members started.

This database will be divided into Four Categories at present, with several sub categories..
They are Official Sources, Main Stream Science, Alternate Science and Speculation. At a later date we may add other sections as necessary. Search feature will be added later once we determine the final layout. Sorry for the inconvenience, but at least you don't have to dig through some dusty old library to dig out that manuscript.


Warning  Sites with this label WILL track visitors and/or require full identity disclosure on visiting or login
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Air Force Research Laboratory
------ AFRL Tests Flexible Wing Technology
------ Revolutionary Hypersonic Aerospace Vehicles
AFRL Official Site Military
Jul 28, 2006
March 2006
Air Force Space Command's Mission
is to defend the United States through 
the control and exploitation of space.
USAF-SC Official Site Military Current 
CIA Home Page
------ CIA Fact book
------ CIA Pine Gap Australia
CIA Official Site
Official Site
FAS Site
Local File
China National Space Administration
------ Chang-e-1 China publishes first moon picture
CNSA Official Site Current
Defenders of America News Source Military Official Site Current
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
------ Orbital Express Spacecraft
------ Babylon Project ~ Mirror Site EFF
DARPA Official Military Site Current
Defense Aquisition University
------ AT&L Knowledge Sharing System (AKSS)
DAU Official Site Warning
Department of Defense
------ Defense Technical Information Center
------ Defense Freedom of Information Policy Office (DFOIPO)
------ Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Aquisition,Technology Logistics
------ Information Analysis Center (IAC)
------ U.S. Northern Command Shuttle Support
------ Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center (WSTIAC)
DOD Official Site Current
Department of Energy
------ Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Official Site Current
European Patent Office - Worldwide Patent Repository
------ European Patent Office Advanced Search
EPO Worldwide Patent Repository Current
European Space Agency
------ ESA Science & Tech SOHO Images
------ ESA SOHO Live Image Feed
------ SOHO Satellite Observatory 
Official Site
Official Site
Official Site
Live Solar Feed
Harry Reid, Senator Nevada Government Home Page Current
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) NRL NAVY Home Page Current
Hubble Telescope
------ Hubble Video
------ Hubble "Spaceship" to Black Holes
NASA Official Site
Video Presentation
Video Spaceship Representation
Local File
Geo Eye Satellite Imaging
------ Orbimage Global Imaging Information
------ Space Imaging
------ Space Imaging Newsroom
Home Page
Satellite Hi Res Imaging
Geophysical Institute Information Office
------ Alaska Volcano Observatory
Service Univ. of Alaska Current
International Security Research & Intelligence Agency
------ The E-Bomb Threat and WMD Terrorism
ISRIA Official Site Current
IRIS Seismic Monitor IRIS Washington University Live Feed
Indian Space Research Organisation
------ Chandrayaan-1 India's First Scientific Mission to the Moon
ISRO Official Site Current
Jane's Intelligence You Can Trust Service Home Page Current
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
------ Kaguya/Selene World’s First Image Taking of the Moon by HDTV
JAXA Official Site Current
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
----- Library Archives
LLNL Research Laboratory Current
Lick Observatory - San Jose
----- Mountain View Camera
U of C Observatory
Live Feed Video Links
Los Alamos National Laboratory
----- Penning Fusion eXperiment - Ions
----- LANL Document Archives
----- Lifter Project Testing by US Army
LANL Research Laboratory
Archive of Documents
Paper PDF Format
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) NASA Database Current
Missile Defense Agency MDA Official Military Site Current
Mount Wilson Observatory
----- Mountain View Camera
U of C Observatory
Live Feed Video Links
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Many Departments Listed) NASA Official Site Current
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency NGA Official Site Current
National Nuclear Security Association DOE-NNSA Official Site Current
National Security Agency NSA Official Site Current
National Snow and Ice Data Center NSIDC Official Site Current
National Space Weather Program
------ National Space Weather Program (NSWP)
------ NSWP Committee

Official Site

Name List

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO Official Site Current
North American Aerospace Defense Command
------ Cheyenne Mountain
------ Cheyenne Mountain
NORAD Official Site 
Official Site Military
CNN News Site Report
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
------ Energy Citations Database
------ SOAR: Space Orbiting Advanced Fusion Power Reactor
OSTI Official Site
Office of Satellite Operations (OSO)  NOAA-OSO Official Site Current
Pentagon, Washington DC Government Official Site Military Current
Planetary Society, The Society Home Page Current
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
------ Conditions for Fusion
------ How Fusion Energy is Produced
------ Plasma Heating
DOE Home Page Warning
Royal Australian Air Force
------ Air Power Australia
------ Directed Energy Weapons  and Electromagnetic Bombs
Official Site Current
Royal Netherlands Air Force RNLAF Official Military Site Current
Russian Federation Ministry of Defense
------ English Site
------ Miss Russian Army beauty contest
R-MOD Official Site Current
RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
------ Alert Map
Official Site Current
Live Feed
Sandia National Laboratory Government Home Page Lab
Shelly Berkeley, Representative Government Home Page Current
Government Home Page
DoD Only .mil Access
Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
------ Basic Information and Documentation on Earth Remote Sensing
------ Selected Listings of Earth Remote Sensing Data & Information Resources
------ Selected Remote Sensing Data Catalogs and Search Tools
------ Selected Earth Remote Sensing Data Systems and Centers
------ Other Noteworthy Resources Related to Earth Remote Sensing
SEDAC Home Page
Archive of Sources
Strategic Air Command
------ Minuteman Missile History
------ Strategic Air Command
SAC Official Site Current
Spear COMNAVSURFLANT Maintenance Team NAVY Official Site Warning
Today's Space Weather
-----Space Environment Center Live X-ray and -------Solar Wind Data
NOAA Official Site
Live Data Feed
United Space Alliance USA Official Site Current
US Antarctic Program
------ Antarctic Photo Library
USAP Official Site Current
US Department of Argriculture
------ Customizable Security Guide
------ True Spy Stories
USDA Official Site
Internal Security
Public Access
US Department of Energy
------ Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
------ National Renewable Energy Laboratory
------ NNSA/DOE - Nevada Site Office
Official Site
Nevada Test Center
United States Patent and Trademark Office
------ United States Patent and Trademark Search
------ United States Patent and Trademark Forms
USPTO US Patent Repository Current
US State Government News Source
------ Bush Again Calls for Development of Alternate Energy Sources
Archives Official Site
20 Feb. 2006
US Geological Survey
------ USGS - Earthquake Watch
------ National Map Seamless Server
------ Water Resources of the United States
USGS Official Site
Earthquake Watch
Satellite Maps
Water Sources
Live Feed
------ Astrogeology Research Program - Earth's Moon
------ Earthquake Watch - Live Feed
------ Clementine Mission - Official Report
------ Isis - Integrated Software for Imagers & Spectrometers
------ Isis 2 User Documentation
------ Isis 3.1.3 Release 2006/10/30
------ Landsat Project
------ Lunar Orbiter Digitization Project
------ Lunar Pyroclastic Volcanism Project
- ---- PDS Map Clementine Color - Interactive
USGS Official Site Current
WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Worldwide Patent Repository Current
Weapon Systems Technology Information Analysis Center WSTIAC Official Site Current


US Air Force
------ Air Force stands up UAV Center of Excellence
------ Air & Space Power Magazine - Official Magazine
------ Joint UAV Center of Excellence at Creech
------ Newsletter Subscription - News Article Subscription
------ US Air Force .mil - Official Site Military
USAF Official Site Current
US Air Force - Academy USAFA Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Arnold AFB
Arnold Engineering Development Center
AAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
------ 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (309 AMARG)
DMAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Edwards AFB -CA EAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Hill AFB - Utah HAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Langley AFB - VA LAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Manas Air Base, Kyrgyz Republic MAB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Maxwell-Gunter AFB
------ Air and Space Power Journal - Official Publication
MAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Nellis AFB -  Las Vegas, NV
------ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab (UAVB)
NAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Patrick AFB - FL PAFB Official Site Military Current
US Air Force - Vandenburg AFB - CA VAFB Official Site Military Current
US Army
------ Army Corps of Engineers
------ Army Heritage Collection Online
------ Army Heritage & Education Center
------ Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site - Kwajalein Atoll & Wake Island
------ Space & Missile Defense Command
------ US Army War College - Carlisle Barracks
Official Site Military Current
US Navy
------ Navy Websites A to Z
------ Naval Network & Space Operations Command
------ NNSOC flag to be lowered at Dahlgren
------ US Navy .mil
Official Site
Official Site Military
Article DC Military
Official Site Military
Current List
01 Jun, 2006
01 Jun, 2006
US Navy - Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center AUTEC Official Site Military Current
US Navy - Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
------ China Lake Facility
------ Project Popeye
NAWCWD Official Site Military Current
US Navy - Naval Research Laboratory
------ Albedo Map of the Moon
------ Center for Computational Science (CCS)
------ HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
------ Information Technology Division (ITD) (NRL)
--- -- Lunar Image Browser 1.5 - Interactive
--- -- Lunar Map 2.0 (Beta) - Interactive
NRL Official Site Current
US Navy - Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSEA Official Site Current
US Navy - Naval Undersea Warfare Center
--- -- Division Newport
--- -- Division Keyport
Our main facility is located at Keyport, Washington, in the Puget Sound region near the major components of the Fleet we support.  We have Detachments located near our Pacific Fleet customers in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and San Diego, California.  Fleet testing and logistics sites are located at Nanoose, British Columbia, and Hawthorne, Nevada.
NUWC Official Site Current
US Navy - Office of Naval Research
------ Office of Naval Research - SWAMPWORKS
ONR Official Site Current
US Navy - Pacific Missile Range Facility PMRF Official Site Current
United States Space Command
----- 20th Space Surveillance Squadron - Contractor - Article
----- Air Force Space Command Factsheet
----- Airmen Train to Walk Among the Stars - News Article
----- US Space Command - Gazette Article - Local File 
----- US Space Command - WikiPedia Article
----- US Space Command - Cheyenne Mountain
USAF-SC Official Site Military Warning


Aeronautics Russia - Venik's Aviation
------ Satellite Prices - Index
Price Guide
Home Page - Current
Air Force Technology Product News and Press Releases
Contractor Listing, Product Listing, White Papers
------ B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, USA  -  Photo
------ F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter  -  Photo  -  Photo
Defense Industry 
Web Resource
Stealth Plane
Stealth Plane
Home Page - Current
Article - Local Photos
Article - Local Photos
Agusta Westland
------ Apache AH Mk1 Helicopter Brochure
------ Future Lynx Tactical Support 
PDF Brochure
PDF Brochure
Home Page - Current
Current - Local PDF File
Current - Local PDF File
Bigelow Aerospace Corporation Home Page - Current
Boeing Corporation
------ Phantom Works X-48B ----- Photo
Stealth Plane
Home Page - Current
Article - Local Photo
Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali
------ Italian Aerospace Research Center
Home Page - Italian
Home Page - English
Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation - Space Cameras Corporation Home Page - Current
European Aeronautic Defense & Space Company EADS Home Page - Current
Lockheed Martin
------ Lockheed Skunk Works
Corporation Home Page - Current
------ Lockheed D-21 Air Launched Drone
------ P-175 'Polecat' High Altitude UAV
------ Lockheed Video Archive
------ Saber Warrior------ Tactical Aircraft Systems
April 15, 1996
Stealth Plane
Article - Current - Local Photo
Video Archive
Video Clips
ITT Corporation - Space Systems Division
------ ITT on Lunar Orbiter Missions Paved Way for Moon Landing 
ITT Home Page - Current
Lunar Orbiter Fact Sheet
Northrop Grumman or Northrop Grumman
------ Missile Defense  -  DSP Photo  -  STSS Photo
------ B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber
Database File
Database File
Home Page - Current
Article - Current
Photo Gallery
Praxis Inc.
------ Clementine Home Page
Data Archive
Home Page - Current
RAND Corporation (Research ANd Development) Organization Home Page - Current
Raytheon Company
------ Raytheon Overview - Wikipedia Article
Corporation Home Page - Current
Sun Labs - Major Government Contractor Solar Energy Home Page - Current
Space Island Group (SIG) Commercial Home Page - Current
Titan Corp
------ Titan Corp Overview - Wikipedia Article
Corporation Home Page - Current
Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems
------ Kockums Stealth Technology
------ Navy Stealth Technology
------ Visby Class Corvette - fully developed stealth
Corporation Home Page - Current
Home Page - Current
Article - Current - Local File
Article - Current - Local File
United Nuclear Scientific Supplies Corporation Home Page - Bob Lazar


National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA Official Site Current
------ Ames Research Center Home NASA-AMES Official Site Current
------ Apollo Image Gallery NASA Image Gallery Current
------ Apollo Lunar Surface Journal NASA Image Gallery Current
------ ASTER's Remote Sensing Image Gallery NASA Image Gallery Current
------ Astromaterials Aquisition and Curation Office
--------- Martian Meteorites
NASA Artifacts Curator Current
------ Astronomy Pic of the Day NASA APOD Current
------ Blockbuster Technology NASA Article May 24,2005
-- --- Cassini - Cyclops
- ---- Cassini - Cyclops Image Gallery
------ Cassini - Huygens
------ Cassini - Unlocking Saturn's Secrets
NASA Saturn Project Current
------ Clementine Project Information NASA NSSDC Current
------ Crustal Dynamics Data Information System (CDDIS) NASA CDDIS Current
------ Cydonia Region Observation #1
------ Cydonia Region Observation #2
NASA Article with Images Apr 07, 1998
Apr 14, 1998
------ Dawn Mission - JPL
------ Dawn Mission - NASA
NASA Mision Page Current
------ Deep Impact Project  NASA/UMD Official Site Current
------ Directory Listing - PIA Image Series - Jpeg
------ Directory Listing - PIA Image Series - Tiff
Image Gallery Current
------ Electricity - Crackling Planets - Static on the Moon NASA Article Aug 10, 2005
------ FTP - HQ NASA FTP Site Current
------ FTP Image Collection STS, ISS, Apollo - Dir. Listing NASA FTP Site Current
------ Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth NASA Image Gallery Current
------ Goddard  Space Flight Center NASA Ask an Expert Current
------ Goddard Space Flight Center - Imagine the Universe NASA Learning Center Current
------ GRIN - Great Images in NASA NASA Image Gallery Current
------ Haughton-Mars Project Mars on Earth Project Current
------ High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center HEASARC Projects (Chandra) Current
------ HiRISE Mars Mission ASU Project Current
------ History - Apollo 8 Flight Journal
------ History - Apollo 12 Flight Journal
------ History - Apollo 15 Flight Journal
------ History - Apollo 16 Flight Journal
NASA Image Gallery Current
------ History Documents NASA History Archive Current
------ IMAGE Science Center - Plasma Injection NASA Image Gallery Current
------ JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
------ JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Releases - News
------ JPL - Mars Pathfinder Home Page
------ JPL - NEO - Near-Earth Object Project
------ JPL - Stars and Galaxies (Nibiru)
------ JPL Small-Body Database Browser
NASA-JPL Official Site Current
-- --- JSC - Johnson Space Center
 ----- JSC - Digital Image Collection
NASA-JSC Official Site Current
-- --- JSC-EOL_FTP_ISS and STS direct list
NASA-JSC-EOL FTP Site - Image Gallery Current
------ JSC Digital Image Collection
--------- AS1 AS4   - AS5   - AS6   - AS7  - AS8
--------- AS9   - AS10 - AS11 - AS12 - AS13
--------- AS14 -AS15 - AS16 - AS17
NASA-JSC Image Gallery Current
------ KSC - Kennedy Space Center
------ KSC - Science, Technology and Engineering Homepage
NASA-KSC Official Site Current
------ KSC - Live Video Feeds
------ KSC - Live Feed NASA TV
NASA-KSC Live Feed Current
------ KSC - Kennedy Space Center News Releases
------ KSC - Shuttle Fact Sheets
-- --- KSC - Image Gallery Mirrors PAO
Image Gallery
------ Langley Research Center - Multimedia Repository NASA Official Site Current
------ Latest Studies of Mars, Saturn, Moon Highlight Conference NASA Conference Current
------ Lunar Atlas - Clementine Images NASA Interactive Current
------ Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) NASA LLRV Current
------ Lunar Prospector Mission NASA Official Site Current
- ---- Lunar Surface Journal NASA Image Gallery Current
- ---- MSFC - Marshall Space Flight Center
- ---- MSFC - News Release May 23, 1996
NASA-MSFC Official Site Current
- ---- Mars Odyssey Program
- ---- Mars Odessey Mission THEMIS
Official Site
 --..-- Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover
---..-- Mars Science Laboratory - Curiosity Rover JPL
NASA Official Site Current
- ---- Mercury Messenger Mission NASA Official Site Current
------ Mission Highlights NASA Official Site Current
------ Multimedia Gallery NASA Archive Gallery Current
------ Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory - Sonny Carter Training Facility NASA Official Site Current
------ NSSDC Image Catalog
------ NSSDC Master Catalog Display: Spacecraft - Clementine
------ NSSDC - Soviet Missions to the Moon
------ NSSDC - Surveyor 1 spacecraft landing site on the moon
------ NSSDC - Surveyor 3 spacecraft landing site on the Moon
NASA-NSSDC Image Gallery
Official Site
------ NIX Photo Data Base - Johnson Space Center NASA-NIX Image Gallery Current
------ Phoenix Mars Mission NASA Official Site Current
------ PIA Format Gallery in Jpg - PIA00001 to PIA09226
------ PIA Format Gallery in Tiff - PIA00001 to PIA09226
Image Gallery Current
------ Planetary Journal
----- --- Saturn's North Pole Hexagon and Aurora
NASA Official Site
------ RST - Remote Sensing Tutorial
------ RST - Models for the Origin of Planetary Systems
NASA-RST Official Site Current
------ Science News Headlines
----------- Big Auroras on Jupiter
----------- Crackling Planets
----------- Smart 1 Impact
----------- Solar Flare
----------- Science News Archives
NASA Official Site
Mar 29, 2007
Aug 10, 2005
Aug 30, 2006
Dec 05. 2006
------ Solar System Exploration Main Page
------ Solar System Exploration Gallery
NASA Image Gallery Current
-- --- Space Shuttle Launch Archive NASA Image Gallery Current
-- --- Space Weather NASA Related Official Site Current
-- --- Stereo Science Center
-- --- Archive Search
NASA-SSC Official Site
Image Gallery
------ Technical Reports Server Search NASA-NTRS Document Service Current
------ Themis Mission - Space Weather Project NASA Official Project Site Current
------ The Space Place - Spacecraft Image Collection NASA Teaching Aid Current
------ Visible Earth - A catalog of NASA images of Earth
----------- Nasca Lines, Peru
----------- Space Station view of the Pyramids at Giza
NASA Earth Image Gallery
------ Wallops Flight Facility - Goddard Space Flight Center
------ Wallops Island Launch Facility
------ Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe - (WMAP)
Official Launch Site
Official Launch Site
Official Mission Site


(Not Developed Yet)
Cleveland Volcano in Alaska Erupting The Road to Victoria Crater on Mars
Groom Lake Area 51 Satellite Photo


Apollo Image Galleries
----- Apollo 15 Landing Site Spotted in Images Article Apr 27, 2001
----- Apollo 16 16MM ONBOARD FILM Image Gallery Current
----- Lunar Surface Journal - and image library NASA Journal Official Site Current
- --- Orbital Images  - Kieth Laney Collection Keith Laney Website Current
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-1
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-2
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-3
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-4
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-5
----- Over the Moon:A View From Orbit (NASA SP-362) Chap 5-6
NASA History Official Site Current
 ---- Smithsonian Apollo Image Gallery Smithsonian Official Site Current
Arizona State University
----- Apollo Archives ASU Image Gallery Current
----- Clementine - Color Mosaics of The Moon ASU Official Site Current
----- HiRISE | High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment ASU Official Site Current
- --- HiRISE Team Begins Releasing Flood of Mars Images ASU News Article Nov 29, 2006
----- Lunar Orbiter Image Scans ASU Image Gallery Current
----- Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter LRO ASU Image Gallery Current
----- Mars Odessey Mission Themis ASU Image Gallery Current
Astronomy Related
----- Archives with Astronomical Data - FITS ESA/Hubble Official Site Current
----- Astronomy - Database Database Website Current
----- Astronomy - Research Database Website Current
----- Astronomer Captures 'Electrical Phenomena' 
----- Near Columbia's Track
World Net Daily Article Jun 23, 2007
----- Black matter of a distant galaxy cluster mapped by the 
----- Hubble space telescope
News Article Jul 17, 2003
----- Dave Tyler's Astrophotography Amateur Site Gallery Current
----- Full Moon - French Amateur Shot Amateur Site Image Current
----- Full Moon - Dutch Amateur Shot Amateur Site Image Current
----- Urania Public Observatory Dutch Observatory Public Access Current


Barringer Meteorite Crater (also known as "Meteor Crater") Government Official Site Current


Cave Entrances Spotted on Mars BBC Article Mar 17, 2007
Clementine Satellite Links
----- Clementine Data Sheet (in PDF format) LLNL Document June 1994
----- Clementine - DoD News Briefing DoD Report Dec 03, 1996
----- Clementine Mission LPI Official Report Current
----- Clementine Mission USGS Official Report Current
----- Clementine Project Information NSSDC Official Site Current
----- Color Mosaics of The Moon ASU Official Site Current
----- Experiments and Data NSSDC Official Site Current
-- -- Lunar Image Browser 1.5 US NAVY Official Site Current
-- -- Lunar Map 2.0 (Beta) US NAVY Official Site Current
----- PDS Map Color USGS Official Site Current
Comet 2007 E2
John Drummond, New Zealand
Report Apr 26, 2007
Constellations of Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites Surrey Univ. Article 1996
Craters on Earth
----- Aliens View Google Google Database Current
- --- Basic Science Studies II: Impact Cratering Presentation Current
----- Catalogue of the Earth's Impact structures Russia Database Current
----- Chicxulub Crater - Ellen Lloyd UFO Area Article Apr 23, 2007
----- Deep Impacts Knox News Article Aug 20, 2006
----- Earth Impact Database Canada Database Current
----- ESA - Tumbling Stones ESA Database Current
----- Google Earth 1 Google Database Current
----- Image Of Manicouagan Crater NASA Report Current
----- Impact craters of Mauritania Private Study Article Sep 06.2006
----- Impact Field Studies Group Earth Impact Panoramas Tennessee U Database Current
----- LPI - Terrestrial Impact Craters LPI Database Current
----- LPL- Terrestrial Impact Craters LPL Database Current
----- Mars on Earth- Biology of Haughton Crater Mars Society Article Sep 2000
----- Mars on Earth - HMP Research Station - Moon & Mars Analog Mars on Earth Official Site Current
----- USGS - Landsat Project USGS Official Site Current
Czechoslovakian Spacecraft Image Site - Prohlídka Mesíce Czechoslovakian Image Gallery Current


Earth Files
------ Atmosphere - Sodium Layer Wikipedia Article  Current
------ Fossil Hunting at Flaming Cliffs - Gobi Desert Private Site Article  Current
- ---- Fossil Hunting Team Private Site Article  Current
Encyclopedia Astronautica Database Current


Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky Webpage Biography Current


Lunar Anomalies, Articles, Facts and Images
------ Moon's Surface Shows Signs of a Gas Burp NPR Article Nov 09, 2006
- ---- Lunar Atmosphere? Webpage Article Current
- ---- Lunar Magnetic Field: Permanent and 
- ---- Induced Dipole Moments
UCLA Paper 1974.
- ---- Lunar Images Ricardo Borba Amateur Current
- ---- Lunar Observations Boston University Official Site Current
- ---- Lunar Orbiter Image Scans Arizona State University Image Gallery Current
- ---- Lunar Orbiter Photographs Tom Duffy Image Gallery Current
- ---- Lunar Transient Phenomena Research Webpage Research Current
- ---- Moon "Light" Atlas Webpage Atlas Current
- ---- Moon too Static for Astronauts? Article Feb 02, 2007
- ---- Reiner Gamma - Photos Thierry Legault Image Gallery Current
------ Reiner Gamma Formation Harvard Paper 1998
------ Soviet Moon Images Website Image Gallery Current
------ What medieval witnesses saw was not
------ big lunar impact
Spaceflight Now Article Apr 19, 2001
------ Who Will Own the Moon? Website Article 1999
Lost in Space
------ Europeans Learn from Lost Beagle 2 Mars Probe Article
------ Lost Mars Probe Found! - Mars Polar Lander ABC Article May 05 2005
------ Lost Mars Probe: Possible Sighting Live Science Article Dec 20, 2006
------ Mars probe may have spotted lost rover New Scientist Article January 2007
------ NASA - Struggles to contact lost Mars probe New Scientist Article November 2006
------ NASA: -Mars Probe Doomed By Human Error CBS Article Apr 13, 2007
------ NASA - Metric mishap caused loss of NASA  CNN Article Sep 30, 1999
------ NASA - Mars probe launches at third try BBC Article


Manned Space Flight Documents PDF file Source Document Current
Mars - Anomalies
------ Artificial Structures on Mars Anomalies Document Current
------ Mars Anomalies Research Anomalies JP Skipper Current
------ Mars you need to know about... Anomalies Website Current
Mars - Atmosphere
------ Mars' Missing Air Might Just be Hiding Article Jan 25, 2007
Mars - Life on Mars Webpage Biography Current
------ Early Microscopic Life on Mars? NASA APOD Aug 07, 1996
------ Ice Packs and Methane on Mars,
------ Suggest Present Life Possible Article Feb 22, 2005
------ Images Stir Life on Mars Debate Article Jul 09, 2001
------ Life on Mars - Malin Space MSSS Article April 1995
------ Life on Mars National  Health Museum Article Aug 07. 1996
------ Life On Other Planets in the Solar System ESA Article Oct 14, 1998
------ Mars Underground:
------ The Harsh Reality of Life Below Article Mar 08, 2004
------ Marvin the Martian Humor Image Current
------ NASA Scientist: 'Mars Could be Biologically Alive' Article Apr 19, 2005
------ Report of Findings of Life on Mars - Dr. DiPietro Circular Times Article 1997 
------ Scientists Find Evidence of Ancient
------ Microbial Life on Mars
NASA Article Feb 28, 2001
------ Looking for Martian Life:
------ Great Terraforming Debate: Part II
Astrobiology Magazine Article Jun 15, 2004
Mars - Water on Mars
------ Water Spread Across Much of Ancient Mars,
------ Creating Conditions for Life Article Feb17, 2004
------ Water Once Filled Mars
------ Opportunity Rover Landing Site Article Mar 02, 2004
------ Mars Express Confirms Water Ice on Red Planet Article Jan 24, 2004
------ Water Ice Found Near South Pole of Mars Article Dec 05, 2002
------ Odyssey Discovers Abundant Water Ice on Mars Article Mar 01, 2002
------ Scientists Unsure if Methane at Mars Points to
------ Biology or Geology Article Mar 29, 2004
------ Can Liquid Water Exist on Present-Day Mars? NASA Article Mar 27, 2001
------ Does water STILL flow on Mars? Daily Mail UK Article Dec 07, 2006
------ Evidence of liquid water on Mars boosts astrobiology Article Jun 26, 2000
------ Scientists Report Finding Groundwater and
------ Mudslides on Mars Article Jun 20, 2000
------ Water on Mars? Hope Springs Eternal Article Jun 22, 2000
------ It looks like mud, but can't be mud Cornell Univ. Article Jan 06, 2004
------ Making a Splash on Mars NASA Article Jun 29, 2000
------ NASA announces discovery of 
------ evidence of water on Mars Article Jun 20, 2000
------ Odyssey Finds Water Ice in Abundance
------ Under Mars' Surface
NASA Article May 28, 2002
------ New Gully Deposit in a Crater in Terra Sirenum NASA Article Dec 06, 2006
------ New Gully Deposit in a Crater in the
------ Centauri Montes Region
NASA Article Dec 06, 2006
------ Recent Glaciers, Volcanoes and Flowing Water on Mars Article Mar 16, 2005
------ Surface Water Possible Under Marslike Conditions Univ. of Arkansas Article Sep 3, 2003
------ The Politics of Water Paper Article Mar 25, 2004
------ Ice Lake Found on Mars ESA/National Geo Article Aug 02, 2005
------ Giant Pool of Water Ice at Mars' South Pole Article Mar 15,2007
------ Ancient Mars: Renderings Show
------ Raging Floods, Vast Oceans Artwork 
Jan 04, 2002
------ Study Explains Mystery Of Mars Icecaps Oregon State Univ. Article May 19, 2005
------ Water Ice Discovery on Mars May Be
------ 'Tip of an Iceberg' Article May 28, 2002
------ New View of Ancient Mars Water System Article Mar 27, 2007
------ Underground Plumbing System Discovered on Mars Article Feb 15, 2007
Mars - Miscellaneous
------ Mars Today Image Gallery News Image Gallery Current
------ Mars May be Emerging from an Ice Age Mars Today Article Dec 17, 2003
------ Mars Mutch cratère source Malin JPL NASA
------ French Image Gallery incl, ESA, Japan
Flickr Image Gallery Current
------ Mars Odessey Mission Themis ASU Image Gallery Current
------ Mars Rover - Maas Digital Animation Maas Animation Current
------ Mars Rovers - Maas Digital MER Animation (medium) Maas Animation Current
------ Mars Rover - Disney "Roving Mars"  Disney IMAX Current
------ Robots for Mars - Autonomous Helicopter Project Carnagie Article Sep 1991
------ Solving the color problem of Martian lander images Website Paper 2003
------ Barringer Meteorite Crater 
------ (also known as "Meteor Crater")
Government Official Site Current
------ Boxhole Meteorites Company For Sale Current
------ Dalgaranga Meteorites Company For Sale Current
------ Campo del Cielo Meteorite Company For Sale Current
------ Henbury Meteorites Company For Sale Current
------ Iron Meteorites for Sale, Campo del Cielo Meteorite,
------ Henbury, and more
Company For Sale Current
------ Rocks on Fire - Boxhole, Wolfe Crater Company For Sale Current
------ R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites Company For Sale Current
------ Meteor Crater, Arizona Government Official Site Current


NASA Articles
------ Chief Will Go to China to Discuss Space Cooperation Article Apr 25, 2006
------ Color Images From NASA's Raw Data Xenotech Article Current
------ Natural Space Radiation Hazard NASA Article Nov 15, 2000
------ Nasa probe strikes Comet Tempel 1  BBC Article Jul 04, 2005
------ Nasa Probes 'electric zap' Mystery Photo World Net Daily Article Feb 05, 2003
----------- Shuttle Columbia hit by Lightning Website Article Current
------ Nasa Scientists Fete Bull's Eye Shot On Distant Comet Space Daily Article Jul 04, 2005
------ Nanobacteria A Problem For Space Travellers - NASA Science Agogo Article Feb 28, 2005
------ Neurolab STS-90 NASA Article Jan 19, 1998
------ Scientists Detect New Kind of Cosmic Explosion NASA Article Feb 23, 2006


PDS MAP-A-PLANET for the Moon
Albedo Intermediate Version
USGS Interactive Current
Planetary Photo Gallery  Czechoslovakian Image Gallery Current


Solar System Exploration
------ NASA Solar System Exploration


Official Site

South Pole Telescope
------ South Pole Telescope at the Amunsen-Scott South Pole Station
------ South Pole Telescope - Chicago Univerity
SPT Official Site Current
Space Elevators
------ Affordable Space Flight
------ Elevators and Exploration
------ Group to Manufacture Nanotubes
Space Review
Universe Today
Sep 20, 2004
Apr 27, 2005
Space Sciences - General Categories
------ Io - Atmosphere & Plasma Torus - Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Webpage Article Jun 06, 2000
------ Io- Looking Into an Io Volcano NASA APOD Mar 27, 2002
------ Radiation and the Van Allen Belts Clavius Article Current
------ Simulation of the formation of the Milky Way galaxy Dark Cosmology Animations Current
Space Sounds Navigator Webpage Interactive Current


Tethered Satelilite Investigation Report is Released 96-112 NASA Paper Jun 04, 1996
Tethered Satelilite Investigation Report is Released 96-046 NASA Paper Jun 04, 1996
Tethered Satellite Mission point to Revamping of Space Physics Theories NASA Paper May 23, 1996
Today's Space Weather NOAA Official Site Current
-----Space Environment Center Live X-ray & Solar Wind DataNOAA NOAA Official Site Live Feed


Union of Concerned Scientists - Satellite Database Website Database Current
------ Satellite Database Update 4-9-07 Website Database Apr 09, 2007
Urania Public Observatory Dutch Observatory Access Current
US Antarctic Program
------ US Antarctic Program - Antarctic Photo Library
Official Site Image Library Current
USSR- Russian
------ Russian Patches, Police Badges, & Medals The Soviet Union Website Sales Current
------ Russian Militaria, russian patches, russian medals, badges Website Sales Current
------ Zond 3 Images Astrosurf Image Gallery Current
------ Zond 7 Images French Site Image Gallery Current
------ Zond 8 Images USGS Image Gallery Current
------ Zond (1965 - 1970) French Site Image Gallery Current
------ Zond and Luna Images NASA Image Gallery Current


Venus - General Topics
------ Life on Venus? National Health Museum Article Feb 05, 1997
------ Meteorite Impacts cause of Volcanism? Univ. College London Article Current
Viking Lander Images U C Davis Official Site Current


Water off Planet      
------ Scientists find evidence of water in liquid form on Saturn moon Webpage Article Mar 10, 2006
------ UH Astrobiology Team Studies Water and Life in the Universe Webpage Article Mar 10, 2006
------ Atmospheric Optics British Site Image Gallery Current
------ Halo Observation Project French Site Image Gallery Current
Wernher von Braun      
------ Biography Wikipedia Article Current
------ Carol Rosin about the late Werner von Braun Part 1 Bibliotecapleyades Article Current
------ Carol Rosin about the late Werner von Braun Part 2 Bibliotecapleyades Article Current
------ Mars book 2   PDF  
------ Von Braun at the South Pole Antarctica - January 7, 1967 NASA Image Current
------ Von Braun Mars Expedition - 1952 Article Current


Intelligence and Information
(Work In Progress - See here in meantime)
Ascend Aerospace Information and Inteligence Corporation Info Service Current
Jane's Defence Weekly Corporation Info Service Current
PsiTech - Remote Viewing Corporation Info Service Current

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