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Gigantic Alien Craft Photographed By Cassini! NASA’s Cover-Up Blown?
Posted on  8-9-2007 @ 06:06 AM (ID:3496311)

Originally posted by mikesingh (ATS Post ID:3496311)

At the outset, I would like to mention that the clearest photographs yet of gigantic alien spacecrafts published in the French newspaper L’actualite insolite had been posted earlier last year in my thread "Alien Objects Orbiting Saturn's Rings?" by balonO

Unfortunately, balonO’s post had been lost in the deep caverns of the thread and out of sight. Considering its importance, I thought it needed to be exhumed and discussed in a different thread as it deserves more attention than it has.

That said, this particular photograph is corroborated by another taken in the infra red spectrum by the Hubble Space Telescope of the gigantic object near Saturn, and posted on another thread of mine here. This pic is reproduced below:

Huge cigar shaped object clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit  along the edge of Saturn’s  ring.
Pic: HST WFPC2,  Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI).

Now for the photograph in the French news paper which is similar to the one above, purportedly taken by Cassini near Saturn…..

L’actualite insolite - Click image for the enlargement

It is in French, so what it basically says is that those objects are massive OVNIS (UFOs) photographed by Cassini near Saturn, and put under wraps by NASA. One of the objects is Earth sized and one over 50,000 Km in length (Four times Earth’s diameter!)

How did this French news paper get its hands on this photograph? Unfortunately, we don’t have more info on its authenticity. Can the photo experts here try and interpret it?

Keeping in mind the similarity with the HST’s infra red image shown above, it may be an actual photograph taken by Cassini. If genuine, the implications are mind boggling! Are we then seeing incontrovertible evidence of an alien presence in our Solar System? 

And another thing. Small moonlets/asteroids even a couple of hundred miles long have been mapped and named. These objects are Earth size and some more than 50,000 Km long. Then why have these objects not been named? After all, they’ve shown up in the official photographs taken by the HST. But then, that’s probably top secret! You can’t go around naming huge alien objects, can you? Smells of a cover-up, what?

Whatever, the truth is out there in the rings of Saturn!

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos  ATS Post ID3496358
The right side of the same article...
L’actualite insolite - Click image for the enlargement

New UFO Events in 1996 
by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. 

An abundance of leaks and disclosures pertaining to UFO reality are occurring this year. The following examples are but a sample of recent developments. 

1. On January 30, WRFX-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina featured an interview with a NASA scientist, Dr. Norman Bergrun. His book, The Ring-Makers of Saturn, reveals that NASA's Voyager I (1980) and II space-probes of Saturn's rings took photographs of an estimated 7000-mile-long elliptical (cigar-shaped) craft orbiting in the rings. ......


Originally posted by mikesingh

Good find internos!

I didn't know that NASA's Voyager I and II took photographs of an estimated 7000-mile-long cigar shaped craft orbiting Saturn's rings! I wonder whether we'll ever get to see the photographs? 

Originally posted by sonicology ATS Post ID3496391

Very interesting pictures; they remind me of a similar object allegedly photographed by a Russian probe in the vicinity of one of the Marsian moons.  Whatever it is, it must be truly massive!

Originally posted by mikesingh
That's right! It was the Russian probe Phobos II that took the pic, immediately after which it stopped all transmissions. Was it destroyed by the alien object? Here's the pic...The similarity is striking!

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp ATS Post ID

Awesome stuff you guys have posted.
Another similar area with anomalies is around the sun.

Originally posted by mikesingh

Yep! Here it is...

And the preview of one of the objects near the sun:

Originally posted by jamesder  ATS Post ID3497247

If we're talking about the color photograph and not the infrared image, I have a questions:

1) Is there anything in the photo that indicates these objects are anywhere close to the rings of Saturn? I'm not sure there is? 

If you're taking a photo of something a great distance away at a certain exposure and something closer to the lens passes through your frame, the object is going to appear altered. If it's a space object following a trajectory, it will appear to be elongated as it has been exposed longer than it would if you were intending to specifically photograph that object.

For example:

If that's the case, it probably explains this straight little anomoly right here:

Also, if I'm correct about the elongated form due to overexposure and you look closely at the end of the object, it is fairly irregular looking.....and looks very much like an asteroid in shape and color. The "middle" section looks like the end stretched out and spinning a bit.

I think the photo would be infinitely more compelling if these objects were a shiny metallic/gun-metal color as is commonly cited in UFO reports.

Originally posted by sherpa ATS Post ID

AS a foot note to my last post here is a little about the author of "Ringmakers of Saturn"

Dr. Norman Bergrun is an alumnus of Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) predecessor of Ames Research Center, NASA where he worked twelve years as a research scientist. At Ames, he pioneered the setting of design criteria for airplane thermal ice-prevention and the developing of roll stability laws for airplanes, missiles and rockets.

He joined Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now Lockheed Martin) where he was manager of the planning and analysis of flight tests for the Navy Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System. During his thirteen years at Lockheed, he also served as a senior scientist having responsible analysis cognizance of special space-satellite applications. After a short tour of duty with Nielsen Engineering and Research, in 1971 he founded Bergrun Engineering and Research, parent of Bergrun Research founded in 1999 especially for world wide web activities.

An Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauics (AIAA), he is active as a leader in Congressional Visits Day events on Capitol Hill. As Deputy Director-at-Large for the AIAA western region, he overlooks section activities in seven western states. Other memberships include The Planetary Society, The Association for the Advancement of Science, The Aviation Hall of Fame, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Federation of American Scientists and the Scientific Faculty, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

Bergrun holds a BSME degree from Cornell University, an LLB from LaSalle University Extension, a DSc (Hon) from World University and a California Professional Engineer (PE) License. He also has engaged in graduate aerospace studies at Stanford University. He is a founder of the California Society of Professional Engineers Education Foundation, is author of two books Tomorrow's Technology Today and Ringmakers of Saturn and has published over 100 papers. Two recent manuscripts, Lunar Life Forms: Revelations of Apollo 14 and Mars Puts on a Good Face: The Masquerade, have been registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. He has lectured in the United States, Canada, England and Europe.

Credited with numerous awards and citations including the California Society of Professional Engineers Archimedes Engineering Achievement Award, and Special Service Citations for contributions to the AIAA National Public Policy and to the Regional Sections Activity Committees, he is listed in Marquis "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who in America", "Who's Who in Science and Engineering", and other reference works.

Continuing interests include photography*, NASA student activities and music, having played as a concert musician at Carnegie Hall with the Cornell University Band and having been a founder of "Aurora Singers", a 64-voice choir

Ringmakers of Saturn
Originally posted by internos ATS Post ID3498037

The article of the french journal doesn't mentions just Bergrund.
It mentions even Walter Vincenti. If you search on NASA website plenty of results about him.
Anyway, I'll try to get some more info.

Originally posted by johnlear ATS Post ID3498291

I have emailed Norm Bergrum this evening and asked permission to post the real picture of one of the ships in the rings (there are 3 ships). The photo is from Voyager and not Cassini.

I have asked permission to post Plate 5: Ellflux from along the length of the slender body, exhausting at both ends, generates the A-ring. That ship is 31,496 miles in length and 2,422 miles in diameter. The photo is on page 17 of the Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman R. Bergrun available from his website. I will also be making a CD of the Ringmakers of Saturn.

The picture shows the B-ring, the Cassini division, and the A-ring and where the ships is situated at the end of the A-ring.

Although I have not read the text of the French article it is probably a lot from Bergruns book.  The Cassini photo, of course, was fictitious, but the real ships are not.

I expect to hear from Norm by the morning and will post the Voyager photo then.

Originally posted by mikesingh  ATS Post ID3498373

These pictures were taken with the Hubble telescope. Scientists stated that from these photos in sequence they have discovered new moons of Saturn. 

What wasn't explained was the objects that have been marked A, B and C orbiting Saturn's outer ring. These huge cigar shaped object's are clearly shown following a definite path in an orbit along the edge of the ring.

Originally posted by mikesingh ATS Post ID

Take a look at this pic from Cassini. Notice the 'lense flare' on the elongated object? Or is it an elongated moon? Unlikely. And it couldn't be a timed exposure which has produced this effect. It's in 'real time'. 


Originally posted by internos  ATS Post ID3498611

Originally posted by Trauma Mikesingh 

And, WOW! Amazing find internos!! That's just mind boggling!  :up: Thanks for the link. Heck! Will surprises never cease? Add everything up and the coincidences are far too many to just brush off the whole affair of ET presence in our Solar System as some big hoax or vivid imagination.

Better to keep an open mind, what? Until ET actually lands in your front lawn and shares a beer with you! :lol:

Cheers! :D

YouTube Excerpt

Added:  June 30, 2007
From:  jostvandyke2007
Speech patterns have been found in a ... Speech patterns have been found in a radio signal released by NASA almost 3 years previously in 2004.

Judge for yourself what the voices are saying, it is a very bizarre anomaly but very much worth investigating.

1) Download and save the original WAV file from NASA/Cassini website:

2)Open an audio editor like Cool Edit or Sonar and raise the pitch/frequency of the file by 12 tones with the pitch shifter..

and there it is, speech patterns.

How can anyone explain this anomaly. Certainly NASA have no explanation for it after we presented the file to them for their opinion. SETI also dont know what make of it. What do you think?


Originally posted by mikesingh ATS Post ID3498891

Now here's an unidentified object, as NASA has admitted (In the green square), orbiting the rings of Saturn!!

Courtesy: NASA/JPL Discovery Channel

It's NOT a moon of Saturn. Notice its orbit which remains within the outer ring. 

Cheers! There's more where they came from! Keep your eyes peeled! :D

Originally posted by sherpa ATS Post ID3499642

Well there have been observations for hundred of years one of which occured on the 9th February 1917.


Luminous phenomena in the vicinity of the rings have been observed repeatedly, and prove that electrostatic forces are at work. From the 18th Century onwards luminous points on the ring edge, luminous objects and the disappearance of one side of Saturn's rings have been observed. One astronomer (Maurice Ainslie) observed a luminous object pass through the rings and devour ring material as it moved. This object was a mass of ionizing radiation, which can destroy ring material. The rings are known to change in brightness, evidently due to time-varying particle flow. White spots where noted on the rings and the planet numerous times. Bright projections on the rings and "sparkling flocculence" where also observed. For example, a white projection was seen near a white spot at the edge of the south equatorial band on 29 September 1910. Voyager 1 took a photo of Saturn and five of its moons, which included an unexpected luminous object. Images of the F-ring show variable luminosity that includes observations of a helical core and emission jets 

Source -

Originally posted by mikesingh ATS post ID

What do you think of this cylindrical object seemingly breaking up near the Sun? A malfunction? This huge object would be thousands of miles long!!

Courtesy: SOHO/LASCO

Originally posted by Evasius
That's one heck of a picture. :up: If it was a comet the tail would most certainly be blown away from the Sun making it always appear to point towards the Sun. If an asteroid was breaking up and was close enough to the sun, the trail would also point away. 

It definitely looks like a huge artificial object that met its demise quickly.

Originally posted by johnlear ATS Post ID3501192

I emailed Norm Bergrun for permission to post the photo of the ship in the rings of Saturn as published in the book The Ringmakers of Saturn, the Pentland Press, Edinburgh, LOCCCN 86-81530, ISBN 0 946270 33 3.

Permission was denied.

In his fax to me this afternoon Norm (in part) said,


The two pages faxed to you (the French article) were sent to me from France in 1997. The diagram on the second page you will recognize as Plate 27 (RoS) which the French used without my permission. They also translated the book into French and tried to find a publisher. Never could find out whether they succeeded or not.

One post (ATS, “Gigantic Alien Craft Photographed by Cassini NASA’s Coverup Blown” says the following “I’m a little confused. Is the French article claiming that the photo with the three cigar shapes is real, or is that an illustration for their article?” The answer is: “The photo is a ‘kluged-up” image primarily based upon Ringmakers of Saturn Plate 27 page 50.”

Norm goes on to say that he has been trying to protect his intellectual property ever since the publication of Ringmakers of Saturn. He said “I suggest you post a blurb that tells where the French got their idea, refer them to <> and have them, on their Nav bar, click on the book back cover. The image shown is a latent image that was hidden in a NASA Voyager image because of a very dark background. Details and answers to other thread wonderments are disclosed in the RoS book.”

Norm closed by saying:

“Thank you for bringing the web item to my attention.

Best Regards,


I guess that I should have asked Norm for permission BEFORE I mentioned it on the thread.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

I know that many on this thread and other threads feel that it is ‘their right’ to know and view this information about their solar system not to mention the universe.

They feel that if someone has information that they should not be trying to ‘make a buck’ off it; that the information belongs to all of us.

That may be.

Or if they are trying to ‘make a buck’ off it the information is not really true.

There is no denying that this has certainly happened in the past and will continue to happen. It doesn’t mean this is true for everyone.

It certainly isn’t true for Norm Bergrun and the information presented in the Ringmakers of Saturn. And I am certain of that.

I try to share as much as I know about it despite the thousands of questions that I cannot answer, and most of it for which I cannot offer any proof.

I post what I think is true and you can take it or leave it. 

If the government had wanted you to know all of these things they would have told you. Nevertheless many search for the truth anyway.

And despite what one poster said, “John doesn’t really believe what he says”, I really do. At least the things that I post. I really believe there are at least several space stations in orbit about which we know nothing. I believe that we have been mining on the moon and Mars for many years.

I believe that space vehicles under the operational control of Air Force Space Command and other U.S. Government entities go back and forth to the moon every day with the same ease that a business jet flies from Vegas to Albuquerque. Or any other city.

I believe that at least some of these vehicles operate from normal runways and do not have to be launched by rockets.

But for reasons unknown to us this information has been kept secret since the late 1950’s. And will probably be kept secret for ever. I say ‘for ever’ because I see too many projects in place that will obscure what is really going on. For instance the current NASA moon project to go back there in 2020.

Are they kidding? No. Its all part of a gigantic and well organized coverup. And under no circumstances which includes disclosure, threats by Congress, request by the President will any of this ever become public knowledge.

A few weeks ago a few of us got together, me, Zorgon and a few others and we discussed how much we (the public) knew about government secret projects.

After some discussion we decided that on a scale of zero to a hundred, zero representing that we knew absolutely nothing, to one hundred which represented that we knew everything the government was doing that we knew between .5 to .8 of one.

Since I posted those figures several weeks ago I have come upon some additional information that would cause me to revise those figures. I would like to revise the scale to zero to one thousand. But I am still keeping the .5 to .8 of one to represent what we know. 

There are many that do not share my views and to those I can only say I understand. 

I can also say, “If you only knew.” :)

Mike Singh's Reply

Originally posted by mikesingh ATS Post ID3501216
reply to post by Indellkoffer

Indell, here's a very valid point brought out by Evasius. 

Originally posted by Evasius
That's one heck of a picture. :up: If it was a comet the tail would most certainly be blown away from the Sun making it always appear to point towards the Sun. If an asteroid was breaking up and was close enough to the sun, the trail would also point away. 
It definitely looks like a huge artificial object that met its demise quickly.

so, a comet's tail always points in the direction opposite the direction of the sun from the comet.  If the comet were headed directly towards the sun, the comet tail would point straight back from the comet away from the sun.  With any other angle of movement of the comet, the tail still points away from the sun or solar wind. 

In this case the 'tail' of the object is parallel to the sun.

Secondly, Comets actually have two tails:  the dust tail and the gas or ion tail.  The 'pieces' breaking off from this object are themselves hundreds of miles long. A dust tail would not look like large pieces breaking off.

Originally posted by johnlear  ATS Post ID3501231

Originally posted by internos
I enhanced and rotated it... :)

Thanks internos. Now the picture I wanted to post and was asking permission to do so by Mr, Bergrun was Plate 5 on page 17, Ringmakers of Saturn which shows the ship labeled "Vehicle III" in your post above.

It is a Voyager photo of Saturn's rings and Vehicle III is is at the end and perpendicular to the A-ring. And when I say 'end' of the A-ring, there is no more to the A-ring. Its as if (and this is what is proposed by Bergrun) that the ship is 'making' the A-ring.

Originally posted by mikesingh ATS Post ID3501581

Here are a couple more pics. Cassini snapped the photos on Feb. 23, 2004, from a distance of 62.9 million kilometers (39 million miles). Notice the two ELONGATED objects which I've marked 'A' and 'B'.

These have not been satisfactorily explained so far.

And what's this 'streak' across the rings?

"The image was taken in visible light by the spacecraft's narrow-angle camera from a distance of approximately 1.4 million miles(2.3 million kilometers)."
Image courtesy: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Originally posted by 1nL1ghtened Post ID3501618  reply to post by johnlear

John thank you for your thoughts and efforts. I did a little digging and I hope that this is not a violation in any way, but I found the image in question:

"These following series images are  jpg files of the original news release images, and a comparison to the NASA /JPL image used in "Ringmakers of Saturn" by Dr. Norman Bergrun.  Following the images is the actual news release as published by NASA in 1981.  No comment need be made regarding them, as they pretty well speak for themselves, demonstrating the composed nature of the material." - Source

This is the ORIGINAL NASA/JPL image P-23876C composed from 4 Voyager 1 images.

Mike Singh's Reply

Originally posted by internos Post ID3501655

Walter Vincenti  Maybe John knows him; the French article claims that Norman and Vincenti revealed the existence of the pics.

Guy Tarade

The caption of the pic claims that Guy Tarade drew it, but now we know it isn't so (thanks to Jonh Lear for his efforts) and the copy he keeps in his left hand looks to have been copied by a book
(RMoS ?).

In according to what Bergrun wrote in response to John's request,  this guy may have (somehow) published the pics somewhere (I know it isn't so much, but is anyway a step).

The pic that John asked the permission to post, is not this:

but plate 5 on page 17.

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3501736

"And what's this 'streak' across the rings?"

Originally posted by Beachcoma

That's a nice picture. I've got the false colour composite of the same thing that makes it clearer, but it's in the other HDD which I've disconnected from the PC. But from that picture you can see that the streak is actually behind the rings. In false colour image, you would've instantly recognized it as Saturn itself, or rather, her outline. It looks that way because Cassini was capturing it at a very artistic angle, with the rings in the foreground and Saturn in silhouette behind it. Truly beautiful shot.

The ones above are the so called "shepherd moons" that seem to maintain the shape of Saturn's rings through their small gravitational influences. I forgot their names, but I'll try to look for it later, along with the colour composite.

Edit: Sorry my bad, the shepherd moons are within the rings, specifically within the gaps. Those things are either "transient clumps of dust" or little "icy moonlets". In other words they've no idea exactly what it is. However they've provisionally named it S/2004 S 3 and S/2004 S 6. It's probably what they say it is, but speculate away until they actually name it something more creative :D

Also, the 'known' shepherd moons and inner satellites:

Oh yeah, one more thing... Not exactly the colour composite I mentioned, but you can see the similarity. 

I found a wider-angle shot of the B&W above.

Credit: NASA

You can see the shadows cast by the ring-system on Saturn, and the bright band between the shadows is actually sunlight passing through one of the ring divisions. 

ADDITION Post ID3502113

I found the picture on-line, highest resolution like the copy I have in my HDD, it's over 3MB so I'm just going to post the link. 

Originally posted by internos Post ID3502056

"Walter Vincenti: Maybe John knows him; the french article claims that Norman and Vincenti revealed the existence of the pics."

Originally posted by johnlear

In the Acknowledgments section of his book, the Ringmakers of Saturn, Norman has this to say:

"To Dr. Walter Vincenti, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University, special thanks are given for his valuable suggestions at the final phase of the manuscript." 


WALTER VINCENTI has had whole careers both as a cutting-edge aeronautical engineer and as a leading historian of technology. Looking back over them, he discusses what his dual vantage point has taught him about how technological innovation works.


Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3502070

Is what internos posted above, a genuine scan of the one printed in Norman's Ringmakers of Saturn?

Originally posted by johnlear Post ID3502070

Yes, that is a scan of Plate 27 on page 50. It shows the relative size of the vehicles to Saturns rings and Saturn itself.

Originally posted by johnlear  ATS Post ID3503201

Originally posted by 1nL1ghtened
The picture you are showing me mike, I believe to be an artists rendering, NOT an actual photo. There may be or has been an image simular to the one depicted... but I'd bet a large sum of money that this pic is a painting.

This picture is what Norm Bergrun refers to as the photo that has been 'kluged up' (fabricated). It in no way resembles the photos that Norm used in the Ringmakers of Saturn.

To Continue this Thread Visit  This Post 

Originally posted by mikesingh

Ok, here's something that corroborates the HST images.  This 'alien craft' orbiting Saturn has a sail like a submarine! Resembles the image of a similar one I posted on page 1 of this thread, near Phobos.

Cassini again! Now NASA needs to improve its air brushing dept. Too much scotch dulls the brain, what? :lol:

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID3516716

I managed somehow to find them:

I've already saved all on my HD, just in case they'd strangely disappear from NASA website, as many times happened before. :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID3517027

What we should wonder is What it is.

IMHO, this does not look to be an effect due to exposure time, / motion blur: this is a SOLID object which deserves further investigations. :)

for instance, if the motion blur theory was correct, the object should look grossly so:

Originally posted by mikesingh  Post ID3517962

internos, that was an amazing find if ever there was one! WOW! :up: :up:

There were some who said that the cylindrical shape of the object you posted was due to long exposure. It's not! If it is A to B in length, then a long exposure would have resulted in 'A' being 'stationary' and 'B' 'stretching' resulting in an [i]apparent[/i] increase in length over the exposure time. But THE OBJECT REMAINS THE SAME LENGTH THROUGHOUT ITS MOVEMENT.

Ron, I suggest you include interno's images in your web site in that Saturn chapter of mine! :D Needless to say, with due acknowledgment to internos, for his amazing find! We need more guys like him don't we? Not fellas who keep hollering, "Hey! I see nothing but stones!"

We seem to be getting nearer to nailing the truth, NASA/ESA notwithstanding!

[b]Freezer[/b], are you a telepath? How did you read my mind? Lol! :lol: That Bad Astronomy site is BAD, really BAD! :dn: Most of the explanations deserve to be funneled down the WC! 

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3518000

And here's an enlargement of the object. Found and sharpened the edges and then solarized it. Looks like we've got something here, what? :puz: This one would be more than Earth diameter!!

Did you notice the resemblance to that HST infrared image in the opening post? Hmmm...Now this is getting more interesting!! 

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID3518500

Some new links, but before
how to expose a pathetic attempt to debunk genuine pictures with the intentional purpose of deceive the people.

so, is there someone who believes that these  two ones are the same object? If is so, please, [b]prove[/b] it.

After this clarification, some other links here:

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID3519011

I was particularly interested in the image of the object in internos' last link, which is seen inside the rings as a white dot. 

I've zoomed the object and again solarized it. Here it is. Does it look like a moon of Saturn? If so, it's got a darn weird shape! 

And there are a couple fainter elongated ones well outside the rings too. Let's check out what the close-up reveals! Here it is...

Another of Saturn's moons? Asteroid? :puz: Probably dust/ice on the lens! 

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID3519807

There's something else here.... :)

 Originally posted by johnlear Post ID3520419

He (Norman) has a chapter on Iapetus which is very interesting and also the subject of his next book which will be ready in another 6 months. The last chapter in Ringmakers of Saturn is about the moon and how he speculates is was transported to our solar system and how it was transported.

Originally posted by mikesingh

Here’s Iapetus on the right of the image. Was it an artificial alien space station? Notice the ring around it? 12 miles or about 60,000 feet high and 750 miles long. And it's straight as an arrow!

Compare both the images. Shades of George Lucas and his Star Wars saga!!

Needless to say, this is conjecture, until someone (Not NASA or ESA or other government agencies) goes there and has a closer inspection! 

Cheers! :D

Originally posted by internos Post ID3520436

Everyone who wishes to debunk this thread, should know what has to debunk as an alternative to shut up:

By the way, we got some news for you:

Originally posted by Beachcoma

That's an interesting photo. What's that in the background, the bright flash? If it was taken by Cassini, it seems to big to be the Sun. Or is it the sun?

Thank you for your question:

I just know that the UFO is crossing Iapetus, but i've no idea of what is the bright in the back.
There are two pics: this is the previous one

[edit on 16/9/2007 by internos] [/quote]

Originally posted by mikesingh Post ID 3520462

And here’s some strange pics in the rings of Saturn.

Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

Now for the bombshell! 

"Scientists cannot explain all observed features... The current dilemma facing scientists is that Cassini is detecting extended objects like those pictured here." [See Below]

Have a nice day! :D

The Clump/Moon Mystery

September 5, 2005  Full-Res: PIA07716

Scientists have long suspected that small moons hiding among Saturn's ring strands might be producing some of the unusual structure observed in the F ring. While the shepherd moon Prometheus is the main culprit behind the strange behavior of Saturn's F ring, it cannot explain all observed features. The current dilemma facing scientists is that Cassini is detecting extended objects like those pictured here -- that may be either solid moons or just loose clumps of particles within the ring.

This montage of four enhanced Cassini narrow-angle camera images shows bright clump-like features at different locations within the F ring.

Two objects in particular, provisionally named S/2004 S3 and S/2004 S6, have been repeatedly observed by Cassini over the past 13.5 months and 8.5 months, respectively. The orbits for these two objects have not yet been precisely determined, in part because perturbations from other nearby moons make the orbits of objects in this region complicated. Thus, scientists cannot be completely confident at the present time if they in fact have observed new sightings of S3 and S6, or additional transient clumps.

The upper two images show features that may be S6. From previous observations, S6 appears to have an orbit that crosses that of the main F ring. This unexpected behavior currently is a subject of great interest to ring scientists.

The upper left image was taken on June 21, 2005, and shows an object in the outer ringlets of the F ring. The radial (or lengthwise) extent of the feature is approximately 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles). The radial resolution on the ring is about 13 kilometers (8 miles) per pixel.

The image at the upper right was taken on June 29, 2005, and shows a bright feature within the F ring's inner ringlets. The radial extent of the feature seen here is about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles); the radial resolution is 36 kilometers (22 miles).

The image at the lower left was taken on August 2, 2005, and shows a feature that may be S3. S3 has been found to have an orbital path that is tightly aligned with that of the main F ring. The radial resolution in the image is 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) per pixel.

The lower right image was taken on April 13, 2005, and has a radial resolution of 7 kilometers (4 miles) per pixel. This object does not appear to be either S3 or S6.

Structures like knots and clumps within the F ring often are transient, appearing and then disappearing within months. Repeated observation of the objects seen in this region hopefully will give scientists firm evidence about whether these features are actual moons that disturb the material around them or perhaps the short-lived products of interactions between the F ring and larger moons such as Prometheus.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo.

For more information about the Cassini-Huygens mission visit
The Cassini imaging team homepage is at

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Originally posted by mikesingh  Post ID3520476

Here's a similar pic....

Looks like a gigantic light bulb, what?? :lol: Needless to say, it's gonna be passed off as some moon or asteroid in Saturn's orbit!! 

It does seem strange. Not only the missing pixels, but also the shape which is rather intriguing! Also the 'shadow' in its mid section is puzzling. Let's see what NASA said about it after calibration / validation. 

As per NASA, this image, N00061934, was taken on May 23, 2006 and received on Earth May 24, 2006. The camera they say, was pointing toward TETHYS at approximately 509,689 kilometers away. Hmmm...They seem to be way off the mark! Here’s what Tethys actually looks like..

NASA / JPL / J.Garrido

TETHYS, above. But the shiny 'light bulb' pic of the object is TETHYS according to NASA!!
And this is what the object looks like after embedding…

So what's going on here? 


Originally posted by internos  Post ID3520477

There are objects of many shapes, so far we limited our searches to the saturn area, and possibly to the rings. Of course, we cannot hope to find higly definited objects, due the big distances, and we have to distinguish between "apparently" cigar shaped objects and "actually" ones. This can be difficult sometimes, but in the case of the pic with whic the OP opened the thread, is clear that isn't an "effect due to the exposition".

For instance, it should be simple to debunk these ones: there is simply to say WHAT they are and, then, to PROVE it. :)

Originally posted by internos Post ID3521380

The resolution of that pic is a ordinary infrared pic of Saturn resolution from Hubble in that series

A moon IMHO, usually does not appear from nowhere and does not disappear to nowhere but i could be wrong (now i'll go to take a look at the ours one, to make sure it's still there). Edit: it's still there, a fourth crescent, better than nothing. :)

A rock, an asteroid, a comet IMHO shoud have hard time on following exactly the path of the F ring and then, without reason, change deliberately path in order to disappear to nowhere, but i could be wrong. 
Have you found later/previous time pics which shows the same objects?

I haven't. If you have, please post it here.

Of course these objects could be many things, I really agree with you on this point. What we are trying to find out is what they are (this is the reason we're gathering pics of Saturn which shows cylyndrical/cigar shaped objects) possibly basing our deductive reasoning on clues as i.e. NASA pics, instead of much-less-than-clues as i.e. chats .

No one has the proof to state that they are alien moterships:
No one has the proof to state that they are one of the options mentioned. 
If you got some proofs, feel free to provide it, no one will censore you.

What news?  Can I see a version of this pic that does NOT come from an "enhanced plate" in a single book?  It's a bold claim, and the picture is interesting.  I'd love to see the original.

The news is that many of us were searching for it (and something else) and finally we have found it (who has followed the thread will understand it). In your opinion could not be news, for us OF COURSE it is, also i called it so. :) Since I don't know all the long/odd background of the pic and is not my purpose to provide bad informations about it (despite some idiots could think so), I hope that John will accomplish this task, of course if he's available to. :)

Originally posted by johnlear Post ID

The photo below labeled as an enhanced Plate 3 from the book Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman Bergrun would be using the word ‘enhanced’ to avoid a more correct word which would be ‘photoshopped’.

A lot of work has been done to obscure the original detail of the photos in the Ringmakers of Saturn from which sections of this photoshopped composite were obviously taken.

I have labeled some of the original printing and also noted some of the obvious photoshopping in yellow.

Below is a photo of the real plate 3 (page 15) Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman Bergrun.

As you can see the photo at the top of this post could not be an ‘enhanced’ photo because none of the labeling matches and Normans signature has been photoshopped into the photo.

In addition the colors are different and points of light have been added.

The photos below show where Norman’s signature has been forged by a very poor forger. I don’t even think I have to point out the dissimilarities.

Norman’s alleged signature from photoshopped photo:

Norman’s signature from my book:


The original photos in the Ringmakers of Saturn are exquisite in detail. But in all fairness to Norm if he were to authorize their posting without the viewer having read the accompanying text they would be just more anomalous pictures of the rings of Saturn.



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