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List of Space Shuttle Missions
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U.S. shuttle Columbia landing at the end of STS-73.
U.S. shuttle Columbia landing at the end of STS-73
Soviet Space Shuttle Buran landing after its first (and only) mission
Soviet Space Shuttle Buran landing after its first (and only) mission
This is a list of missions flown by space shuttles. As of 2008, only the United States has flown human spaceflight shuttle missions, in the Space Shuttle program, while the Soviet Union flew one unmanned flight of the Buran.


Naming in the US Space Shuttle (STS) program

The shuttle is officially referred to as the Space Transportation System (STS). Specific shuttle missions are therefore designated with the prefix "STS." Initially, the launches were given sequential numbers indicating order of launch, such as STS-9.

Beginning in 1984, each mission was assigned a code, such as STS-41-B, with the first digit indicating the federal fiscal year offset into the program (so 41-B was scheduled for FY 1984, 51-L originally for FY 1985 and the third flight in FY 1995 would have been named 151-C), the second digit indicating the launch site (1 was Kennedy Space Center and 2 was Shuttle Launch Complex (SLC) 6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, although Vandenberg was never used), and the letter indicating scheduling sequence. These codes were assigned when the launches were initially scheduled and were not changed as missions were delayed or rescheduled.

After the Challenger disaster, a sequential numbering system was restored, with the number according to counting from the beginning, although, unlike the initial system, the assignment of numbers is based on the initial schedule and may not reflect launch order. The letter indicates that the intermediate numbering system applies, and e.g. flight STS-51 was many years after STS-51-A.

STS-300 was the designation for the Space Shuttle rescue missions to be launched on short notice for STS-114 and STS-121. After STS-121, the rescue flight for STS-115, if needed, would have been STS-301. After STS-115, the rescue mission designations changed again. They are now based on the corresponding regular mission that would be replaced should the rescue mission be needed. For example, the STS-116 rescue mission was branded STS-317, because the normal mission scheduled after STS-116 was STS-117. Should the rescue mission be needed, the crew and vehicle for STS-117 would assume the rescue mission profile and become STS-317.

Flight statistics

Shuttle Flight days Orbits Distance Flights Longest flight
(in days)
Crews EVAs Mir/ISS
mi km
Columbia 300.74 4,808 125,204,911 201,497,772 28 17.66* 160 7 0 / 0 8
Challenger 62.41 995 25,803,940 41,527,416 10 8.23 60 6 0 / 0 10
Discovery 296.84 4,671 115,140,673 185,300,951 34 15.39 209 39 1 / 8 31
Atlantis 245.58 3,873 89,533,755** 144,090,611** 28 13.84 174 25 7 / 8 14
Endeavour 219.35 3,461 90,347,054 145,399,490 20 16.63 137 33 1 / 7 3
Total 1137.17 17,808 446,030,333** 717,816,240** 120 830 113 9 / 23 66

(as of 21 August 2007)

* STS-80, a flight during November 1996.

** Information for STS-117 not yet available, last updated 22 December 2006. Information for STS-118 not included either, 5,274,977 mi (8,489,253 km) as of _______.

† No longer in service (Destroyed)

Other shuttles

Shuttle Flight Days Orbits Distance
Flights Longest flight
Crew and
Enterprise 0.014 0 Unknown Unknown 0 0.004 >3 0 0 / 0 0
Buran 1.01 0.14 2 51,764 83,307 1 0.14 0 0 0 / 0 0

List of shuttle flights

See also: Timeline of space shuttle missions
Order Day Year Mission Shuttle Duration Landing Site Notes
(1) August 12 1977 ALT-12[1] Enterprise 0d 0h 5m Edwards First free flight of Space Shuttle
(2) September 13 1977 ALT-13 Enterprise 0d 0h 5m Edwards Second free flight
(3) September 23 1977 ALT-14 Enterprise 0d 0h 5m Edwards Third free flight
(4) October 12 1977 ALT-15 Enterprise 0d 0h 2m Edwards Fourth free flight; first flight without tailcone (operational configuration)
(5) October 26 1977 ALT-16 Enterprise 0d 0h 2m Edwards Final free flight
1 April 12 1981 STS-1 Columbia 2d 6h Edwards First reusable spacecraft flight; first flight of Columbia
2 November 12 1981 STS-2 Columbia 2d 6h Edwards Truncated due to fuel cell problem. First test of Canadarm robot arm
3 March 22 1982 STS-3 Columbia 8d 0h White Sands Shuttle R&D flight, first and only landing at White Sands, New Mexico
4 June 27 1982 STS-4 Columbia 7d 1h Edwards Last shuttle R&D flight, first DoD payload
5 November 11 1982 STS-5 Columbia 5d 2h Edwards Multiple comsat launches. First EVA of program cancelled due to suit problems
6 April 4 1983 STS-6 Challenger 5d 0h Edwards TDRS launch; first flight of Challenger; first space shuttle extravehicular activity
7 June 18 1983 STS-7 Challenger 6d 2h Edwards First US woman in space Sally Ride; Multiple comsat launches; First deployment and retrieval of a satellite SPAS
8 August 30 1983 STS-8 Challenger 6d 1h Edwards Comsat launch, first flight of an African American in space, Guion Bluford; test of robot arm on heavy payloads with Payload Flight Test Article
9 November 28 1983 STS-9 Columbia 10d 7h Edwards First Spacelab mission
10 February 3 1984 STS-41-B Challenger 7d 23h Kennedy Comsat launches, first untethered spacewalk by Bruce McCandless II with Manned Maneuvering Unit; first landing at KSC; dry run of equipment for Solar Max rescue
11 April 6 1984 STS-41-C Challenger 6d 23h Edwards Solar Max servicing (first satellite rescue by astronauts), LDEF launch
12 August 30 1984 STS-41-D Discovery 6d 0h Edwards Multiple comsat launches; first flight of Discovery, test of OAST-1 Solar Array
13 October 5 1984 STS-41-G Challenger 8d 5h Kennedy Earth Radiation Budget Satellite launch; First flight of two women in space Ride and Sullivan; First spacewalk by US woman, Kathryn Sullivan
14 November 8 1984 STS-51-A Discovery 7d 23h Kennedy Multiple comsat launches, retrieval of two other comsats Palapa B2 and Westar VI which were subsequently refurbished on Earth and reflown
15 January 24 1985 STS-51-C Discovery 3d 1h Kennedy First classifiedDepartment of Defense (DoD) mission; Magnum satellite launch
16 April 12 1985 STS-51-D Discovery 6d 23h Kennedy Multiple comsat launches, first flight of a sitting politician in space, Jake Garn, first impromptu EVA of program to fix Syncom F3 (Leasat 3)
17 April 29 1985 STS-51-B Challenger 7d 0h Edwards Spacelab mission
18 June 17 1985 STS-51-G Discovery 7d 1h Edwards Multiple comsat launches
19 July 29 1985 STS-51-F Challenger 7d 22h Edwards Spacelab mission
20 August 27 1985 STS-51-I Discovery 7d 2h Edwards Multiple comsat launches, rescue of Syncom F3 (Leasat-3) by Astronauts
21 October 3 1985 STS-51-J Atlantis 4d 1h Edwards Second classified DoD mission; DSCS satellite launch; first flight of Atlantis
22 October 30 1985 STS-61-A Challenger 7d 0h Edwards Spacelab mission, last successful mission of Challenger
23 November 26 1985 STS-61-B Atlantis 6d 21h Edwards Multiple comsat launches, EASE/ACCESS experiment
24 January 12 1986 STS-61-C Columbia 6d 2h Edwards Comsat launch, flight of US Congressman Bill Nelson
25 January 28 1986 STS-51-L Challenger 73sec N/A Planned TDRS launch, Loss of vehicle and crew, Teacher in Space Flight
26 September 29 1988 STS-26 Discovery 4d 1h Edwards TDRS launch; first post Challenger flight
November 15 1988 1K1 Buran 1.01 0d 3h 25m Baikonur Russian unmanned test flight
27 December 2 1988 STS-27 Atlantis 4d 9h Edwards Third classified DoD mission; Lacrosse 1 launch
28 March 13 1989 STS-29 Discovery 4d 23h Edwards TDRS launch
29 May 4 1989 STS-30 Atlantis 4d 0h Edwards Magellan Venus probe launch
30 August 8 1989 STS-28 Columbia 5d 1h Edwards Fourth classified DoD mission; Satellite Data System launch
31 October 18 1989 STS-34 Atlantis 4d 23h Edwards Galileo Jupiter probe launch
32 November 22 1989 STS-33 Discovery 5d 0h Edwards Fifth classified DoD mission; Magnum satellite launch
33 January 9 1990 STS-32 Columbia 10d 21h Edwards SYNCOM IV-F5 satellite launch
34 February 28 1990 STS-36 Atlantis 4d 10h Edwards Sixth classified DoD mission; Mistyreconnaissance satellite launch
35 April 24 1990 STS-31 Discovery 5d 1h Edwards Hubble Space Telescope launch
36 October 6 1990 STS-41 Discovery 4d 2h Edwards Ulysses solar probe launch
37 November 15 1990 STS-38 Atlantis 4d 21h Kennedy Seventh classified DoD mission; Magnum satellite launch
38 December 2 1990 STS-35 Columbia 8d 23h Edwards Use of ASTRO-1 observatory
39 April 5 1991 STS-37 Atlantis 5d 23h Edwards Compton Gamma Ray Observatory launch
40 April 28 1991 STS-39 Discovery 8d 7h Kennedy First unclassified DoD mission; military science experiments
41 June 5 1991 STS-40 Columbia 9d 2h Edwards Spacelab mission
42 August 2 1991 STS-43 Atlantis 8d 21h Kennedy TDRS launch
43 September 12 1991 STS-48 Discovery 5d 8h Edwards Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite launch
44 November 24 1991 STS-44 Atlantis 6d 22h Edwards DSP satellite launch
45 January 22 1992 STS-42 Discovery 8d 1h Edwards Spacelab mission
46 March 24 1992 STS-45 Atlantis 8d 22h Kennedy ATLAS-1 science platform
47 May 7 1992 STS-49 Endeavour 8d 21h Edwards Intelsat VI repair; first flight of Endeavour
48 June 25 1992 STS-50 Columbia 13d 19h Kennedy Spacelab mission
49 July 31 1992 STS-46 Atlantis 7d 23h Kennedy Attempted tethered satellite deployment
50 September 12 1992 STS-47 Endeavour 7d 22h Kennedy Spacelab mission
51 October 22 1992 STS-52 Columbia 9d 20h Kennedy LAGEOS II, microgravity experiments
52 December 2 1992 STS-53 Discovery 7d 7h Edwards Classified DoD satellite launch
53 January 13 1993 STS-54 Endeavour 5d 23h Kennedy TDRS launch
54 April 8 1993 STS-56 Discovery 9d 6h Kennedy ATLAS-2 science platform
55 April 26 1993 STS-55 Columbia 9d 23h Edwards Spacelab mission
56 June 21 1993 STS-57 Endeavour 9d 23h Kennedy SPACEHAB, EURECA
57 September 12 1993 STS-51 Discovery 9d 20h Kennedy ACTS satellite launched
58 October 18 1993 STS-58 Columbia 14d 0h Edwards Spacelab mission
59 December 2 1993 STS-61 Endeavour 10d 19h Kennedy Hubble Space Telescope servicing
60 February 3 1994 STS-60 Discovery 7d 6h Kennedy SPACEHAB, Wake Shield Facility
61 March 4 1994 STS-62 Columbia 13d 23h Kennedy Microgravity experiments
62 April 9 1994 STS-59 Endeavour 11d 5h Kennedy Space Radar Laboratory-1
63 July 8 1994 STS-65 Columbia 14d 17h Kennedy Spacelab mission
64 September 9 1994 STS-64 Discovery 10d 22h Edwards Multiple science experiments; SPARTAN
65 September 30 1994 STS-68 Endeavour 11d 5h Edwards Space Radar Laboratory-2
66 November 3 1994 STS-66 Atlantis 10d 22h Edwards ATLAS-3 science platform
67 February 3 1995 STS-63 Discovery 8d 6h Kennedy Mir flyaround
68 March 2 1995 STS-67 Endeavour 16d 15h Edwards ASTRO-2
69 June 27 1995 STS-71 Atlantis 9d 19h Kennedy First Shuttle-Mir docking
70 July 13 1995 STS-70 Discovery 8d 22h Kennedy TDRS launch
71 September 7 1995 STS-69 Endeavour 10d 20h Kennedy Wake Shield Facility, SPARTAN
72 October 20 1995 STS-73 Columbia 15d 21h Kennedy Spacelab mission
73 November 12 1995 STS-74 Atlantis 8d 4h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
74 January 11 1996 STS-72 Endeavour 8d 22h Kennedy Retrieved Japan's Space Flyer Unit
75 February 22 1996 STS-75 Columbia 15d 17h Kennedy Tethered satellite
76 March 22 1996 STS-76 Atlantis 9d 5h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
77 May 19 1996 STS-77 Endeavour 10d 0h Kennedy SPACEHAB; SPARTAN
78 June 20 1996 STS-78 Columbia 16d 21h Kennedy Spacelab mission
79 September 16 1996 STS-79 Atlantis 10d 3h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
80 November 19 1996 STS-80 Columbia 17d 15h Kennedy Wake Shield Facility; ASTRO-SPAS
81 January 12 1997 STS-81 Atlantis 10d 4h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
82 February 11 1997 STS-82 Discovery 9d 23h Kennedy Hubble Space Telescope servicing
83 April 4 1997 STS-83 Columbia 3d 23h Kennedy Truncated due to fuel cell problem
84 May 15 1997 STS-84 Atlantis 9d 5h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
85 July 1 1997 STS-94 Columbia 15d 16h Kennedy Spacelab mission
86 August 7 1997 STS-85 Discovery 11d 20h Kennedy CRISTA-SPAS
87 September 25 1997 STS-86 Atlantis 10d 19h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
88 November 19 1997 STS-87 Columbia 15d 16h Kennedy Microgravity experiments
89 January 22 1998 STS-89 Endeavour 8d 19h Kennedy Shuttle-Mir docking
90 April 17 1998 STS-90 Columbia 15d 21h Kennedy Spacelab mission
91 June 2 1998 STS-91 Discovery 9d 19h Kennedy Last Shuttle-Mir docking
92 October 29 1998 STS-95 Discovery 8d 21h Kennedy SPACEHAB; John Glenn flies again
93 December 4 1998 STS-88 Endeavour 11d 19h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 2A: Node 1
First Shuttle ISS assembly flight
94 May 27 1999 STS-96 Discovery 9d 19h Kennedy ISS supply
95 July 23 1999 STS-93 Columbia 4d 22h Kennedy Chandra X-Ray Observatory launch
96 December 19 1999 STS-103 Discovery 7d 23h Kennedy Hubble Space Telescope servicing
97 February 11 2000 STS-99 Endeavour 11d 5h Kennedy Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
98 May 19 2000 STS-101 Atlantis 9d 21h Kennedy ISS supply
99 September 8 2000 STS-106 Atlantis 11d 19h Kennedy ISS supply
100 October 11 2000 STS-92 Discovery 12d 21h Edwards ISS assembly flight 3A: Z1 truss
101 November 30 2000 STS-97 Endeavour 10d 19h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 4A: P6 solar arrays, radiators
102 February 7 2001 STS-98 Atlantis 12d 21h Edwards ISS assembly flight 5A: Destiny lab
103 March 8 2001 STS-102 Discovery 12d 19h Kennedy ISS supply, crew rotation
104 April 19 2001 STS-100 Endeavour 11d 21h Edwards ISS assembly flight 6A: robotic arm
105 July 12 2001 STS-104 Atlantis 12d 18h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 7A: Joint Airlock
106 August 10 2001 STS-105 Discovery 11d 21h Kennedy ISS supply, crew rotation
107 December 5 2001 STS-108 Endeavour 11d 19h Kennedy ISS supply, crew rotation
108 March 1 2002 STS-109 Columbia 10d 22h Kennedy Hubble Space Telescope servicing, last successful mission for Columbia before STS-107
109 April 8 2002 STS-110 Atlantis 10d 19h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 8A: S0 truss
110 June 5 2002 STS-111 Endeavour 13d 20h Edwards ISS supply, crew rotation, Mobile Base System
111 October 7 2002 STS-112 Atlantis 10d 19h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 9A: S1 truss
112 November 23 2002 STS-113 Endeavour 13d 18h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 11A: P1 truss, crew rotation, last successful mission before STS-107
113 January 16 2003 STS-107 Columbia 15d 22h N/A (Ken.) SPACEHAB; Loss of vehicle and crew before landing at KSC
114 July 26 2005 STS-114 Discovery 13d 21h Edwards First post Columbia flight. Flight safety evaluation/testing, ISS supply/repair, MPLM Raffaello
115 July 4 2006 STS-121 Discovery 12d 18h Kennedy ISS Flight ULF1.1: Supply, crew rotation, MPLM Leonardo
116 September 9 2006 STS-115 Atlantis 11d 19h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 12A: P3/P4 Truss, Solar Arrays
117 December 9 2006 STS-116 Discovery 12d 21h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 12A.1: P5 Truss & Spacehab-SM, crew rotation
118 June 8 2007 STS-117 Atlantis 13d 20h Edwards ISS assembly flight 13A: S3/S4 Truss, Solar Arrays, crew rotation
119 August 8 2007 STS-118 Endeavour 12d 18h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 13A.1: S5 Truss & Spacehab-SM & ESP3
First use of SSPTS (Station-to-Shuttle Power Transfer System)
120 October 23 2007 STS-120 Discovery 15d 2h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 10A: US Harmony module, crew rotation
121 February 7 2008 STS-122 Atlantis 12d 18h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 1E: European Laboratory "Columbus", crew rotation
122 March 11 2008 STS-123 Endeavour 15d 18h Kennedy ISS assembly flight 1J/A: JEM ELM PS & SPDM, crew rotation
Planned missions[2][3]
123 May 31 2008 STS-124 Discovery ~12d ISS assembly flight 1J: JEM - Japanese module "Kibo" & JEM RMS
124 August 28 2008 STS-125 Atlantis ~11d Last Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission (HST SM-04). Final Non-ISS flight.
Possible final flight of Atlantis.
125 October 16 2008 STS-126 Endeavour ~15d ISS assembly flight ULF2: MPLM Leonardo
126 December 4 2008 STS-119 Discovery ~13d ISS assembly flight 15A: S6 Truss, Solar Arrays
Scheduled dates and orbiters that follow are unofficial and based on internal NASA schedules, with sometimes conflicting sources[4]
127 May 2009 STS-127 Endeavour ISS assembly flight 2J/A: JEM Exposed Facility (EF) & JEM ELM ES.
128 August 2009 STS-128 Atlantis [4] (or Discovery [3]) ISS assembly flight 17A: MPLM Donatello & 6 person ISS crew. Possible final flight of Atlantis if CLFs are not flown
129 September 2009 STS-129 Discovery [4] (or Endeavour [3]) ISS assembly flight ULF3: Express 1 & 2.
130 January 2010 STS-130 Endeavour [4] (or Discovery [3]) ISS assembly flight 19A: MPLM Raffaello. Possible final flight of Endeavour if CLFs are not flown.
132 (131 if CLFs are not flown) March 2010 STS-132 Discovery ISS assembly flight 20A: Node 3 and Cupola. Final planned flight of Discovery; final Shuttle flight of the program if CLFs are not flown.
Contingency Logistics Flights (CLFs)
* (131 if flown) Febuary 2010 STS-131 Atlantis [4] (or Endeavour [3]) ISS assembly flight ULF4: Contingency Logistic Flight (CLF), Express 3 & 4; Docking Cargo Module. Final flight of Atlantis.
* (133 if flown) May 2010 STS-133 Endeavour ISS assembly flight ULF5: Contingency Logistic Flight (CLF), Express 1 & 5. Final flight of Endeavour; final Shuttle flight of the program if CLFs are flown.
Special missions[5]
* never flew 2005-6 STS-300 Atlantis ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Discovery in space, Mission 114/121.
* never flew 2006 STS-301 Discovery ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Atlantis in space, Mission STS-115.
* never flew 2007 STS-317 Atlantis ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Discovery in space, Mission STS-116.
* never flew 2007 STS-318 Endeavour ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Atlantis in space, Mission STS-117.
* never flew 2007 STS-322 Discovery ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Endeavour in space, Mission STS-118.
* never flew 2007 STS-320 Atlantis ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Discovery in space, Mission STS-120.
* never flew 2008 STS-323 Discovery ¹ ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Atlantis in space, Mission STS-122.
* never flew 2008 STS-324 Discovery ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Endeavour in space, Mission STS-123.
* July 13 2008 STS-326 Endeavour ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Discovery in space, Mission STS-124.
* August 14 2008 STS-400 Endeavour ~11d Rescue Mission for damaged or stranded shuttle Atlantis in space, Mission STS-125.
¹ Originally scheduled to be Endeavour, changed to Discovery due to contamination issues.[6]

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