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"Now about those black leather shoes..."
Illuminati Connections

William Powell Lear

On Anti Gravity Research
  1. Excerpts from "The Cosmic Conspiracy"
      • Notes on Anti Gravity and Teleportation
  2. Project Winterhaven - 1952 PDF Format 66 pages
      • For the last several years, accumulating evidence along both theoretical and experimental lines has tended to confirm the suspicion that a fundamental interlocking relationship exists between the electrodynamic field and the gravitational field. It is the purpose of Project WINTERHAVEN to compile and study this evidence and to perform certain critical or definitive experiments which will serve to confirm or deny the relationship.
Books From
"William P. Lear From High School Dropout to Space Age Inventor"
by Victor Boesen
"They Said It Couldn't Be Done: The Incredible Story of Bill Lear" 
by Victor Boesen
"Stormy Genius: The Life of Aviation's Maverick Bill Lear"
by Richard L. Rashke
"William Powell Lear, Creative Designer and Inventor"
by L. Edmond Leipold
(Men of Achievement Series)
(Unknown Binding - 1967)
"Collision or Control"
by William Powell Lear
(Unknown Binding - 1967)
 "Trends in Autopilot Developments"
by William Powell Lear
(Unknown Binding - 1956)

John's Older ATS Forums

"Copernicus - Under Saffron Skies"

Lunar Topics:
ATS: John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS
ATS: Lunar Strip Mine in John Lear's Moon Photos??
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Questions for John Lear:
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Dulce Facility:
ATS: To John Lear-Existence of the Dulce Facility
ATS: Inside Dulce 5th level blood lab photo
ATS: Phil Schnider Debunked! I'm tired of the lies!
ATS: Does John Lear have 4x6 photos of Dulce?
ATS: Where did the Dulce Story come from?
ATS: Dulce Underground Base Alien War Question
ATS: The Dulce people

Area 51:
ATS: Area 51 and the mystery base at Groom Lake! (an open research experiment)
ATS: Tonopah - Area 51
ATS: Pictures from Inside Groom Lake
ATS: local teenage prodigy taken to Area 51
ATS: The strange behavior of Bob Lazar (alleged former Area 51
ATS: My professor works for Area 51???
ATS: Other installations other than 51?

Sandia Facility:
ATS: Sandia secret base: Does it really exist?

Black Projects:
ATS: Does the Aurora spyplane exist?
ATS: The F-117 Instrument Panel Conspiracy

UFO's and ET's:
ATS: I’m coming clean on Extraterrestrials
ATS: John Lear's theory regarding the "Soul Collector"
ATS: Is sleeper genuine?
ATS: Contact With Extraterrestrials
ATS: Stargates are real
ATS: Forced Disclosure - Project 2.0
ATS: Ok, so if we did have disclosure and it wasn't what you planned

Political Conspiracy:
ATS: A boeing 757 did hit the two towers 
ATS: Too late to stop Iranian nuclear bomb
ATS: Iran's Top Nuclear Scientist Dies
ATS: 4 Americans Shot in the Back of Head After Copter Crashes
ATS: Explosive information on the Pentagon to be released soon
ATS: Hey what do you think of the USO topic
ATS: ATS mingling ufo's and 911

Miscellaneous Topics:
ATS: Who else is tired of this hollow earth nonsense?
ATS: "How can someone prove to you they have time traveled?"
ATS: If you had a fleet of a billion or more craft...?

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