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Here is the photo of the DEM (Digital Elevation Module) covering the Papoose Lake Area.

The government agency responsible for DEMs issued this is 1985 or so.

Groom Lake was closed to ALL PERSONNEL sometime during 1973 and 1975 for 18 months during which time there were no personnel going in or out and no security records of any kind were kept. Obviously someone was there doing something very secret and I suspect it was building S-4.

The government was sure that nothing around the Groom Lake and Papoose area showed nothing in the way of soil disturbance or construction from any map, chart or satellite image. But they forgot one thing: a DEM.

DEMs are made by airplanes recording radar altitudes.

So this DEM show a giant hole with an object at the bottom. I estimate the hole to be around 100 feet deep and about 10 to 200 feet on the sides.

The object that in the bottom of the hole was obviously something they wanted to bury forever and ever. That is if they did not build a tunnel from S-4 to the hole which is about 3 miles to the south.

I drew some yellow lines which represent the S-4 hangar facility in the top left.

Of course this is just a hole and may have been built into a underground hangar with elevators to the top. Nobody I know that has been to S-4 has ever mentioned a hangar to the south but all agree that each only saw a very small portion of the S-4 facility.

The photos are indistinct because they were taken from the screen of my old computer which has a pace for 3.5 floppy drive. I have an external floppy drive coming next week and I will post photos much clearer.

The top photo is a close up of the hole and the bottom shows the hole in relation to the S-4 hangars at the top left.

Any comments or suggestions would be helpful in to trying to figure out what this hole is.

All the best

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