UFO's and Aliens
A Public Briefing given by John Lear May 14,1990 Las Vegas

 by John Lear

What I'm going to do today is just bring you up to date on some of the stuff that I know that's going on. Obviously, if you came here today, you know that what they call the phenomenon is real - it's going on. It's very frightening. I don't have to convince anybody here about what's going on, so instead of going through the usual background of all of this I'll just start off with a list of what's been happening in the last six months - the stuff that I know that's going on.

To start with, I'd like to start with the issue of missing children. If anyone was at the Bud Hopkins talk at the Spring Valley Library, you will remember that Bud has always made a point of saying:

My field is abductions, that's all I do, I don't get into any of the other research, I'm not qualified on it, I haven't done the research and so I just stick with abductions. By the way, the Meier case was A fraud, the Adamski case was a fraud, there's no missing children and Bob Lazar is a fraud.

Bud's a nice guy but he speaks of things that he doesn't know anything about. The Adamski case WAS true. I know it because I talked with the CIA guy that went down to interview him. he was down there for a couple of days and they told him enough that there's no doubt that Adamski had all the experiences that he talked about.

As far as the Meier case, when I first got into what they call

UFOlogy I was told that the Meier case was a fraud, the pictures were faked,etc. I really believed that, and on one of the first George Knapp interviews that I did I said that the Meier case was a fraud. After about a year, I started checking around to make sure I was on firm ground. I called all the guys I knew in the field and asked them what their best evidence was that Meier was a fraud. They would say things like, Oh, uh somebody else said that. Then you trace it further and no one seemed to know who was the one that started it. There was a lot of talk that the photos were hoaxed and that he had models in his garage....the bottom line is that there was no evidence that it was a fraud. In fact, Lazar worked on a machine identical to one of the craft in the Meier photos.

As far as Lazar is concerned, Hopkins said don't believe what government scientists tell you . I have been involved in the Lazar case for about two years and there's no question in my mind that everything he says happened up there actually happened. There are a number of things that happened to him that we're not telling the public, and with good reason. First of all, they wouldn't believe it, and secondly it would not really add that much more to the case. Bud was on a little shaky ground there. As far as the missing children issue is concerned Hopkins, in order to prove his case, looked around the audience at the Spring Valley Library (about 250 people) and asked "does anybody here know of A missing child?". Of course, no one raised their hand and he said, "I rest my case". That's patently ridiculous. There are quite a number of missing children. There's an interesting book out called "A Good Night's Story". I heard about it from Bob Oechsler, head of the MUFON section in Maryland, and the story is printed like a children's book and it's about children being abducted. Copies are going into every library and school. It has nothing to do with aliens or anything, but if child abductions is not a big problem, why the wide distribution of the book? There is a telephone number that you can call to order the book, 1-800-444-BLUE. I don't know what's behind it.

I'd like to talk a little about Dulce. The question is "is this true, does Dulce exist?" I like to have four independent confirmations about whatever I look into. The forth confirmation came in several months ago from an aerospace engineer who worked for the Air Force, mainly in designing aircraft and rockets. He was deeply involved in the Space Shuttle program. He said "yes, that in fact he had been at Dulce, that it exists". he visited the facility for something other than genetic engineering. The name that he knew it by WAS "Section B". So Dulce does exist. About six months ago, Gabe Valdez' brother found some of the aboveground ventilation shafts for the base on the top of Mount Archeleta. There were going to wait until the snow clears, which is just about now, before attempting to investigate further. I understand that the ducts were rectangular, horizontal, and about 30 feet wide. One of the guys that worked on the Meier video did some very sophisticated frequency analysis of the area and he said "whatever is under there puts out energy of a city the size of New York. There's just all kinds of stuff going on under there. That's the update on Dulce.

As far as the Greys are concerned, there are all types of Greys. They are definitely cybernetic organisms . They are not a species' themselves. They work for someone else. There are several different levels of them. There are many instances that indicate that they don't function independently by themselves. They operate from higher orders.

In one particular abduction case, somebody had grabbed one and by the movements of the arms they could see that the Gray had been programmed to fend off an attack by moving its arms in a certain way. All it really had to do was turn around and back away. It points out that they are being programmed.

I would like to cover the incident where the astronauts were supposed to have said that they had an alien spaceship in visual contact. Apparently after very thorough research by Bob Oechsler and his group in Maryland, it turns out that this transmission was sent from a 12 square mile area which included CIA headquarters and the NSA facility at Fort George Meade. Apparently it was a test of some kind to see if the public would bite". I really don't know what it was, but that's the area that it was sent from. It was a very sophisticated transmission. It was Blaha's voice, but it was not coming from the Discovery. I thought that was interesting.

I would like to briefly talk about Bill Cooper. George Knapp did a very brutal 20 minutes about Cooper. There are a number of things that are very suspicious about Bill, but I would like to tell you that I believe that Bill Cooper did have access to information in 1973 when he was in the Navy, and that the information did include some information about some of the dealings with the aliens. It was my understanding when I first met Bill, that when he was stationed at Pearl Harbor he had the key to a classified area. He would go in there at night and read some of these briefings. That's what he told me. Later on, he started saying that he was part of an intelligence briefing team. I don't think he was; at least that's not what he told me. Also, in the beginning he limited his verification of what I was saying by saying " Look, I can only support 50% of what you 're saying It later became 150%. Nothing is black or white - it's all shades of Gray. Cooper did have access to some information in 1973, but not as much as he would like you to believe he did. You can take that for what it 's worth. He has done some very strange things. He has threatened me on at least four occasions. He thinks that I'm with the agency and involved in disinformation, so that's his deal.

The other day, a guy came up to my house who was out in the forest with Charles Halt the very first night of the Bentwaters incident that something landed. There was a rectangular object that landed, and he actually jumped on top of it. He said he could look down inside the object . He has never made any public statement at all . I never thought that I would ever get to meet him. He did in fact confirm that the incident did in fact happen.

As far as an update on AIDS is concerned, AIDS was developed by the Navy in 19l2. The specific doctor that developed it was a doctor by the name of R.M. Donner. The initial AIDS research was financed by Congress. July 1, 1969 is when they had the hearings. This is a copy of the DOD appropriations report for 1970 (Ed note: See July 90 Leading Edge). It was chaired by Robert Sykes. The testimony reveals exactly what they wanted - a biological virus for which there was no known immunity. They finally got it developed in 1972 and started doing experiments. The biggest experiment was in 1977/78 when they released it in Africa, which is now lOO% infected. In the United States in 1978/79 AIDS was released to the white male homosexual population through the Hepatitis B vaccine. The reason they wanted to start with the white male homosexual population was that they wanted to get it to spread very quickly, and they thought that people would not worry about it if they thought that only drug abusers or homosexuals were involved. That 's what happened. The Navy goal WAS to infect 75% of the worlds population by April of 1991. Those are from top classified government documents. What's interesting is that by the present rate of infection, 75% of the population will not be infected by the April 91 target, so what we're looking at is other ways the government may have of spreading this disease. I am kind of happy I don't live in California, where those helicopters are flying up and down spraying for the Medfly. Whitley Streiber. I heard the other day that he's become a recluse, that he's destroyed emotionally by the reception of Communion and his second book Majestic, even though it's an excellent book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good outline on what the Government did in 194l when they recovered the saucer at Roswell. It's an excellent book. One of the interesting things about the book is the two autopsy reports in the back. They are absolutely the truth. I don't know where he got those - the original reports about the two aliens. Whitley used to call me all the time in the middle of the night and chat for two or three hours up until about a year ago.

A little more about Bob Oechsler. Oechsler has done a lot of research in the Chesapeake Bay area. There's really something big going on there. Basically, it appears the HQ of MJ-12 is back on Kent Island or somewhere back there. A lot of EMP research and engineering is going on. A lot of underground activity - all kinds of stuff. What's interesting is that about a year ago he ran into Admiral Inman, who is supposedly one of the MJ-12 members. Bob stopped him and asked to be put in touch with somebody in MJ-12. Inman took Bob's card and looked at him with kind of a half smile and said, let me see what I can do." About 6 months later he called and set up a meeting for Oechsler to go and see General Stafford, who is head of some kind of organization at the Pentagon. Oechsler went to see him and went down some ramps under the Pentagon and into this one corridor where he was required to walk through what he thought was a metal detector, but when he walked through it he felt real dizzy and walked in Staffords office still kind of reeling from this thing. He asked Stafford, "what in the world was that?". Stafford said, don't worry about it, I had a headache for six weeks after first going through that thing". Bob had a lot of strange things happen to him. Supposedly in September 90, there is going to be another release of government information about UFOs or aliens. Here we go again. Supposedly Oechsler's going to be a part of it. Supposedly they're going to show a saucer and a dead body. I've heard that so many times I don't believe it. Oechsler is supposedly being briefed on some of the things the government is doing. He was sent down to Ellington AFB near Houston and shown a government research laboratory that we have down there that was 40 feet long, 20 feet wide and it was a zero gravity chamber. It has a very bright light at the top and everybody was floating. Oechsler is not quite sure where this lab is. He was taken there in a black helicopter that did not look like any of the helicopters we have in inventory. It was very smooth and looked like it WAS molded in one piece. Oechsler said that it sounded like a helicopter until it was 25 feet off the ground and then there was dead silence. He didn't hear a thing. He estimates that it was near Pensacola where there was a large platform and a number of buildings. He was taken into the building and shown the primary SDI facility, which was a great big room, and suspended on the ceiling was a 25'x25' three dimensional video "presentation". On it was represented the southeastern portion of the United States and then there was a grid pattern that came up to what was represented as 300,000 feet. There were "vortexes" represented here and there in the gridwork. There were little dots labeled "ASC's". We don't know what that means. You could see flights of some type enter these "vortex~ areas and apparently go underground, but if one went down in a different area, it would split up into eight blips. Interesting. There were only men in there, no woman. Everybody had on black pants with a white shirt buttoned up to the collar with a tie. No one smiled. Oechsler doesn't know what the place was. He was just shown it and given no other information. He tried to get in touch with General Stafford after that, but so far no luck.

The aerospace engineer that I spoke of confirmed that Dulce existed and that we do have a base on the Moon. I have several other sources that confirm the base on the Moon. They go there regularly. I don't know what they do there, but it does exist. He also confirmed the existence of the base on Mars. It's already there.

I have come up with some information during the past month about the Challenger accident from an individual who has worked at Cape Kennedy for a number of years. Apparently, the Challenger was blown up by the Russians. It was a KGB unit that did it. They did it using 1l Libyans who had access to the protected areas. An explosive charge was put on the strut that held the SRB to the main fuel tank and it ignited, banging the SRB against the fuel tank. It was the only launch were all the Russian trawlers pulled out several hundred miles into the ocean away from the Cape. There was also a video and radio link that was held aloft by a balloon, and the night before the launch the cable was cut so they couldn't get any pictures on launch day of the SRB strut area. There were also a number of other things that happened. Apparently, the Soviet Chernobyl incident was caused by the United States in retaliation for the Challenger indecent. Now I am looking into that, and I will let you know what I find out.

I went to a very interesting talk by Bill Hamilton, who's here to- night, and after the talk we went on a very interesting mission to check out the Lockheed skunk works near Los Angeles. This skunk works has done a lot of secret of work. As you've read in the papers, they're moving Lockheed to Georgia to do a lot of the work down there. They are also closing down the plant at Burbank, saying that they Are going to move it down to Palmdale, but we think they are moving operations to the Tehachapi mountain area, where there already is an underground facility in the western portion of the Antelope Valley. There was a lot of activity going on there. We think that saucer craft are being produced at this underground facility using other types of technology. Bill is here today and brings the information that the silo doors at this so-called "Tehachpi Ranch" have been seen to open and a saucer shaped craft has flown out of it. I would have like to have seen that Sunday night.

The other day I was over Bob Lazar's house and we were looking through a classified book on nuclear bomb technology up until 1960, and we were discussing how many bombs have been exp1oded in space. Up until 1960 there were at least four. The first one was in August 1958 and was called TEAK. It was A hydrogen bomb exploded 252,000 feet over Johnston Island. What's interesting about this is that I don't think

we had that kind of capability" in those days of launching things like that. I took out my Jane's "All the Worlds Spacecraft And went back and found out that after Sputnik was launched we had ( as far as the public was concerned) quite an effort to get something up there ourselves. that Was the Redstone and Vanguard rockets. It turns out that the first launch was successful but every one after that failed. We just couldn't get anything off the ground. All that stuff was just a ruse, because a year later we were launching hydrogen bombs over Johnston Island that weighed two tons. The public was told that we couldn't even get a three pound object into space. Apparently there was a classified launch facility in the Pacific.

With regard to the South African incident, it appears that it was a hoax perpetrated by James Van Gruenen, who has A history of hoaxes. We don't know what the final outcome was. Van Gruenen even offered one producer a chance to meet an alien from the Space Council. This producer contacted me and I told him to check Van Gruenen's background.

I got a call from Linda Howe a couple days ago, and she told me that there WAS A discussion by VP Quayle about reorienting the SDI toward shooting down an incoming asteroid and that it was in a paper. She's supposed to send me the article. What is interesting is that we've heard this story for the last two or three years About an incoming asteroid. It's obviously under intelligent control, it's putting out radio emissions. Supposedly it's on the edge of the solar system now, heading this way. I have at least three confirmations that it does exist. The code name is supposedly Wormwood. One of the confirmations came from a friend of s guy in the CIA. They were out one night and the CIA guy was drinking heavily And was very depressed. His friend asked him what the matter was, asking "is it the thing that is coming in from space?. The agency guy dropped his glass and said, how do you know about that?. That's one of them. If we are reorienting SDI in that way, that opens a lot of questions about what is going on.

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