Disclosure from Astronauts
Astronaut Story Musgrave
NASA UFO STS-61 - Story Musgrave sees Snakes in Space

Image Credit: NASA/JPL

Image Credit: NASA/JPL


Published on Mar 14, 2012

"On two of my missions, and I still don't have any answer, I have seen a, a snake, out there, six, seven, eight feet long. It is rubbery because it has internal waves in it, and it follows you for a rather long period of time. The more you fly in space the more you see an incredible amount of things out there, and that sort of brings to you, really a certainty that there are other living creatures are out there, some incredibly primi..., more primitive than us, some just proteins coming together, aminoacids, and some just single cell organisms, and other civilizations that have been around for million years, ?? doing unimaginable kinds of things."


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