Lunar Atmosphere
Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program
The NASA-Military Cover-Up
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"Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program The NASA-Military Cover-Up" 
by William L. Brian II Copyright 1982

The Moon's lower gravity, 64% of Earths', means that its atmosphere is deeper because the gases are compressed to a lesser extent that Earths' atmosphere.

The depth of an atmosphere in inversely proportional to the magnitude of the gravitational field. This follows from the gas law involving pressure and volume which states that the volume of a confined gas in inversely proportional to the pressure applied to it. In other words if the pressure is doubled the volume becomes half as great.

The Moons atmosphere is not likely to experience high winds and other weather conditions to the extent that is common on earth because of the long days and nights, and the absence of large bodies of water on the surface of the nearside.

Therefore the atmosphere on the Moon is probably much cleaner than the Earth's and light diffusion and scattering effects would be minimal. Occultation of stars would not be as pronounced as expected and the interpretation of the findings would be that the Moon has an extremely thin atmosphere. The atmospheric density could still be as great or greater than Earth's without being as visible.

Whatever the density, the densest level of an atmosphere is its lowest. So if there was a breathable atmosphere on the moon, the densest parts of that atmosphere would be on the floor of the craters.

Both Adamski and Menger mentioned that the inhabitants on the moon live in a temperate zone just over the horizon visible to earth.

Below is a photo taken by Apollo 17 (1522) and shows a portion of the farside of the moon which is on the right and to the right of the green longitudinal line.

The blue circles represent possible deep craters where the densest air would be and where people could live and work.

The white area just above Maxwell (extreme northeast) is actually a large city and was crudely whited out by NASA artists in the days before digital imaging and the automatic elimination of what NASA calls "offensive material" or that material which may betray the actual nature of the moon became automatic.

George Adamski said that looking a telescope from above the moon the many of the craters turned out to be large valleys surrounded by mountains. This kind of illusion would not be too hard to perpetrate for someone who could tow the moon from a different solar system.

Adamski said he saw vegetation, snow-covered mountains with heavy timber on the lower slopes and mountain lakes and rivers which emptied into a large body of water. He saw a number of communities in the valleys and on mountain slopes as well as a fair-sized city. Adamski says he was told that large hangars are located near the cities for convenience in landing with supplies which are brought in to exchange for certain moon minerals..

Adamski said that visitors to the moon had to go through a depressurization process to acclimatize them to the atmosphere because of the relatively lower air pressure.

This process is similar to the acclimatization necessary when climbing mountains over 15,000 feet.

It has been said that the actual pressure altitude of the habitable craters of the moon are equivalent to 18,000 feet pressure altitude here on earth.

John Lear

Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program
The NASA-Military Cover-Up 

by William L. Brian II, 1982
by Future Science Research Publishing Company 231 pages
Library of Congress Catalog Card number: 81-69211 ISBN:0-941292-00-2 Softcover

In this book William L Brian alleges a cover-up by NASA, the United States military and the Russian space program over what was really found during the US and Soviet Moon landings and space programs in general.

Mr Brian, a nuclear Engineer, states in his book that he believes that the Moon landings actually did take place, unlike many other Apollo Moon Landing hoax theorists, but that information acquired during them has been covered up and or suppressed.

According to his book he believes:

1. NASA is a wholly owned and operated front organization of the U.S. military.

2. Secret weapons were developed under the cover of a civilian space program

3. NASA/military suppression of (gravity) research discoveries.

4. Believes the US and USSR were in cahoots during their alleged Space race.

5. That secret discoveries put the Apollo astronauts on the moon.

6. The discoveries of Moon's true nature have been suppressed, especially its geology and atmosphere.

7. Contends that the Moonshots and space programs really never ended.

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