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Project Winterhaven

416 Bowen Building
Washington 5, D. C.
(Non-profit corporation, Ohio-1938)

1952 Report


For the last several years, accumulating evidence along both theoretical and experimental lines has tended to confirm the suspicion that a fundamental interlocking relationship exists between the electrodynamic field and the gravitational field.

It is the purpose of Project WINTERHAVEN to compile and study this evidence and to perform certain critical or definitive experiments which will serve to confirm or deny the relationship. If the results confirm the evidence, it is the further purpose of Project WINTERHAVEN to examine the physical nature of the basic "electro-gravitic couple" and to foresee and develop possible long-range practical applications.

The proposed experiments are to be limited at first to force measurements and wave propagation. They are to
be expanded, depending upon results, to include applications in propulsion or motive power, communications and
remote control, with emphasis on military applications of recognized priority.


It is proposed that the organization of Project WINTERHAVEN be formed by four commercial corporations
engaged in applied research and four academic institutions engaged in pure research. In a program of this unusual
scope and intrinsic importance, it is considered to be necessary from the start to establish a careful balance
between pure and applied research and the mental qualities and attitudes found in each. It is further suggested
that the attention of one-half of the organization be directed toward applications to propulsion and the other
half toward applications to communication. Companies are to be selected whose current interests lie in these
specific fields and whose personnel, combined facilities and hearty support can make the most effective contribution.

It is proposed that a prime contractor be elected, a company not necessarily a participant in the actual research
effort, which is experienced in the administration of government contracts and which will be recognized and
approved by the Department of Defense in a proprietary award. Funds obtainable under the prime contract are then
to be distributed to the eight cooperating organizations under appropriate sub-contracts.

You will notice in the above chart that the DoD elected to fill the role of "Prime Contractor". Lear Corp, owned and operated by William Lear (father of John Lear) is listed as one of the four Companies contracted that are already working on those interests.

In further confirmation of the existing hypothesis, experimental demonstrations actually completed in July 1950,
together with subsequent confirmations with improved materials, tend to indicate that a new motive force, useful as a prime mover, has in reality been discovered. While the first experiments with new dielectric materials of higher K indicated the presence of a noteworthy force, the tests were mainly qualitative and imperfect because of other factors, and the ultimate potential in terms of thrust still remains highly theoretical. The behavior of the new motive force nevertheless does appear to be in agreement with the hypothesis that there is an interaction between the electrical field and the gravitational field and that this interaction may be electrically controlled.

Discovery of what may turn out to be the long-sought "electro-gravitic couple" should lead to the development of
an entirely new form of prime mover, a form of electric motor utilizing electrical and gravitational fields in combination rather than electric and magnetic fields (as in all other forms of motors in use at the present time). It is interesting to note that virtually all of the electric industry today is based on the electro-magnetic inter-relationship in one form or another, dating back to the historic research of Faraday and Maxwell. These original formulations have been changed but little during the growth and development of the electrical age.

It is believed by the sponsors of Project WINTERHAVEN that the technical development of the electrogravitic
reaction would usher in a new age of speed and power and of revolutionary new methods of transportation and communication. Theoretical considerations would predict that, because of the privilege of sustained acceleration, top limits of speed may be raised far beyond those of jet propulsion or rocket drive - with possibilities eventually of approaching the speed of light in "free space"" The motor which may be forthcoming will be essentially soundless, vibrationless and heatless. As a means of propulsion in flight, its potentialities already appear to have been demonstrated in model disc-shaped airfoils a form to which it is ideally adapted. These model airfoils develop a linear thrust like a rocket and may be headed in any direction.

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